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Worldwide News 2018.12.10.

Pöttinger mowers for maximum flexibility

One of Pöttinger's latest developments enables swaths to be merged for the first time without a conditioner: the CROSS FLOW auger merges the swath immediately after mowing. This system is versatile in the range of applications that it offers to make the working day in the field a great deal easier. The NOVACAT 352 and NOVACAT A10 are available with CROSS FLOW.

Worldwide News 2018.12.07.

Farming by Satellite Prize is won by Teagasc, from Ireland

The 4th Farming by Satellite Prize, promoting the use of satellite technologies in agriculture, was decided on Wednesday 5th December at EU Space Week in Marseille. The overall winner of €5,000 was team Teagasc from Dublin, Ireland with their idea for FODDERApp, a complete system and mobile app for grass and grazing management.

Worldwide News 2018.12.07.

Reduction of poverty rates in rural areas among findings of CAP assessment

The Common agricultural policy (CAP) is increasingly market oriented, leading to an increase in EU competitiveness and trade performance. Supporting around 7 million beneficiaries, the CAP is also contributing to reducing poverty rates in rural areas. These were among the findings of the first assessment of the CAP’s performance published on 5 December 2018, by the European Commission.

Worldwide News 2018.12.07.

Preserving our soil to protect our food

It is estimated that 275 hectares of agricultural land are destroyed every day in the European Union. To make matters worse, most of the world's soil supplies are either in satisfactory, bad or extremely bad condition, and are mostly degrading. But good quality soil is essential to agriculture and the food production system, and as such good quality soil is vital to the future of food and farming.

Worldwide News 2018.12.04.

Live the land: Vredestein celebrates the farming life

Premium tyre brand Vredestein has produced a promotional movie honouring farmers, their connection to the soil and the hard work they do every day. Made by award-winning Amsterdam-based studio Sounds Like Film and the result of nine months of filming, the video is part of Vredestein’s Live the Land campaign for its agricultural tyre portfolio.

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