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Worldwide News 2021.03.03.

BKT, innovation in science. But also art.

A new inspiring talk on BKT digital TV. Recounting his passions today is a man of science who has made relaxing art his daily spark of inspiration. It is Mr. Dilip Vaidya, President and Director of Technology at BKT.

Worldwide News 2021.03.03.

World Mycotoxin Report: Impact 2021

This year’s global BIOMIN Mycotoxin Survey report, including key statistics from the largest proprietary database of mycotoxin occurrence in feed crops and finished feeds.

Worldwide News 2021.03.01.

A new EU Strategy on Adaptation to Climate Change

The European Commission adopted today a new EU Strategy on Adaptation to Climate Change, setting out the pathway to prepare for the unavoidable impacts of climate change. While the EU does everything within its power to mitigate climate change, domestically and internationally, we must also get ready to face its unavoidable consequences.

Worldwide News 2021.02.24.

Major upgrade for GRIMME EVO 280

Originally presented in 2018, the two-row bunker harvester, type EVO 280 with its three large separators and an intake for various crops, such as potatoes, onions and carrots, is getting a major upgrade.

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