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Worldwide News 2019.12.06.

EU becomes member of treaty for better protection of geographical indications

Today the official documents for the European Union to become a member of the Geneva Act were deposited at the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) in Geneva. This is the last step for the EU to become a member of the Geneva Act, a multilateral treaty for the protection of geographical indications (GIs) managed by the WIPO.

Worldwide News 2019.12.06.

€467 million to be reimbursed to European farmers

The European Commission will reimburse €467 million to European farmers, in line with the regulation published today. Originally deducted from the 2019 budget for farmers’ income support under the common agricultural policy (CAP), this amount was dedicated to this year’s agricultural crisis reserve.

Worldwide News 2019.12.06.

CNH Industrial and Zasso announce innovative Electric Weeding Concept for vines and orchards as well as an exclusive distribution partnership

AGXTEND, CNH Industrial’s incubator and commercialization brand for tech starts up, presents the revolutionary XPS Electric Weeding concept system in collaboration with Zasso. Electronic weed control allows a wider range of application and is at the same time particularly environmentally friendly, when compared to traditional chemical systems. With this development, AGXTEND is responding to the current challenges in weed control: increasing herbicide resistance, major restrictions on the approval of active ingredients, social efforts towards ecological agriculture and considerable public skepticism about pesticide applications. Meanwhile, pressure from agriculture to work more productively and achieve high yields is a further driving force.

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