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Worldwide News 2022.11.25.

New technology accurately records cows’ water intake

Leading dairy innovator, smaXtec has launched TruDrinking, a new function which accurately records individual cow’s water intake. This latest technical advance is a world first in the sector-leading health monitoring system and helps farmers to optimise milk production and animal management.

Worldwide News 2022.11.24.

S-Tech Protect supports owners of Terrus CVT tractors

Owners of STEYR® Terrus CVT tractors, which are all fitted as standard with S-Fleet telematics hardware and a three-year telematics subscription, now have a new way to enhance the performance of their businesses, with the introduction of STEYR S-Tech Protect.

Worldwide News 2022.11.24.

New model marks preview of 2023 STEYR® Absolut CVT: ‘Most significant development of past 15 years’

“Our most important long wheelbase tractor of the past 15 years” is how STEYR® describes the preview of a new Absolut CVT tractor model, the 280hp 6280. While the most visible development is a new cab, the tractor also introduces substantial internal changes designed to boost productivity, reduce ownership cost, minimise noise levels and maximise reliability.

Worldwide News 2022.11.23.

BKT recommends: No hydroflation for your tires

This practice, actually, is a safety risk since latest-generation tires already provide high and specific performance. Consequently, the old habit of ballasting agricultural vehicles by filling the tires with liquid is increasingly far from reality.

Worldwide News 2022.11.21.

Main results – Agriculture and Fisheries Council, 21 November 2022

Agriculture ministers discussed the progress made so far on implementation of the New EU Forest Strategy for 2030. Ministers also discussed the agricultural, forestry and marine aspects of the proposed nature restoration regulation, as well as the outcome of the EU Bioeconomy Conference 2022. The Commission also presented its communication on fertilisers, explaining the need to ensure the availability and affordability of fertilisers as a basis for food security.

Worldwide News 2022.11.21.

agri EXPERTS survey: German farmers vote Fendt most popular brand

In a representative agri EXPERTS survey commissioned by Deutscher Landwirtschaftsverlag (dlv), 655 farmers from Germany were asked about established companies in the agricultural sector. Among other things, a ranking of agricultural machinery manufacturers was created from this survey. Fendt ranked first among the respondents and achieved excellent values in the areas of brand awareness and brand assessment.

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