Acquisition by the BUREL Group of FRANDENT GROUP


On July 1st 2021, the BUREL Group acquired a majority stake in FRANDENT GROUP, a company based in Osasco (Italy) that designs and produces agricultural machinery. The agreement provides for the subsequent purchase in 2025 of the remaining shares still held by the founder, Ezio BRUNO. This investment is part of the "Farming Together" project, which aims to develop the BUREL group in Europe.


The acquisition is the result of a partnership that began in 2001. FRANDENT manufactures rotary harrows from 3.00 m to 8.00 m in size for the SULKY brand.

Historically, seed drill manufacturers did not produce rotary harrows and vice versa. The arrival of combined seed drills has pushed manufacturers to offer solutions that combine seed drills and harrows.

This is why the BUREL group approached the Italian company FRANDENT in 2001 with the aim of offering integrated seed drill combinations. Since the start of the partnership in 2001, FRANDENT has manufactured more than 10,000 rotary harrows for the SULKY brand.

FRANDENT is also known for its wide range of haymaking equipment. The company is specialised in the production of 23 models of tedders and swathers ranging from 2.00 m to 8.40 m wide.

This agreement allows Ezio BRUNO, the owner and manager of the company, to safeguard and sustain FRANDENT's activity. It also allows SULKY to ensure the long-term manufacture of its rotary harrows associated with its TRAMLINE, MASTER, PROGRESS and TF seed drills.

The two directors are very pleased with this agreement which guarantees the continued presence of the FRANDENT GROUP in Italy.

Julien BUREL, CEO of the BUREL Group "We are happy to integrate FRANDENT into our family group. This company has real know-how and recognised expertise in the field of power take-off tools. Our desire is to consolidate and develop this activity in Italy.

Ezio BRUNO, CEO of FRANDENT "I am pleased to see my family business become part of a family group. FRANDENT was founded by my father and the transfer to the BUREL group will ensure its future continues serenely. I will be present during this transition to ensure that it is successful.

The BUREL group:

The BUREL Group is specialised in the design, manufacture, and sale of agricultural machinery for soil preparation, sowing and fertilisation.

  • 3rd generation: Julien BUREL, the grandson of Fabien BUREL who founded the company in 1936 is the CEO of the family group
  • It has over 250 employees
  • 3 production sites in France (Chateaubourg (35), Carvin (62) and Fontenay (28))
  • 1 agronomic training centre on a farm in the Loire-Atlantique dept.
  • 1 research centre in Chateaubourg (35)
  • 3 design offices (more than 5% of turnover is invested in research)
  • More than 4000 machines are produced annually
  • 55 million € turnover
  • 1/3 of the production is exported
  • Its products are sold in over 45 countries
  • Over 450,000 machines have been produced since it was founded
  • Farming Together, a slogan that reunites all of the group's brands and a Youtube channel that communicates positively about agriculture

The FRANDENT company:

  • Founded in 1977
  • Based in Osasco (Italy)
  • New factory built in 2006
  • The factory is very innovative, covered with solar panels and has underfloor heating powered by a biomass boiler.
  • A range of 74 rotary harrows from 0.90 m to 8.00 m wide
  • A range of 23 tedders and swathers, ranging from 2.00 m to 8.40 m wide
  • Over 1,000 machines were produced in 2020
  • 10 million € turnover