Agrifirm introduces new ‘UniQ’ piglet concept


Agrifirm introduces ‘UniQ’: a combination of unique feed lines, piglet scanning, high-quality advice and performance monitoring for the highest-quality piglet. In partnership with Nuscience, Agrifirm has developed an extensive feed package for piglets. This comprises five new and uniquely integrated feed lines from farrowing pen to delivery in which uniform raw material use and taste recognition for piglets contribute to a smooth transition and better performance. With this concept, Agrifirm is supporting each farm to obtain the highest-quality piglet for their farms; the optimum start for a future sow or fattener.


There is an increasing need to focus on piglet quality because sows are farrowing more and more piglets as a result of genetic developments, and the reduction of antibiotic use is currently a high priority. With the ‘UniQ’ piglet concept, Agrifirm is supporting each farm to obtain the highest-quality piglet for an optimum start for a future sow or fattener.

A piglet quality scan was developed to measure piglet quality, in cooperation with specialists, nutrition and information from the trading sector. The adviser can use this to give immediate insight into piglet quality on the farm. The adviser then uses this information to produce an action plan, together with the pig farmer, with the aim of increasing piglet quality and, in turn, the farmer’s returns. The Agrifirm adviser uses the Pig Control approach to monitor the growth and intake of pigs and the effects of the plan are monitored.

Within the five feed lines, sow holders can select from Top Line, Max Line, Air Line ®, Safe Line and Relax Line. Air Line ® feeders are special in the feed range, innovative feeds for maximum digestibility and growth performance, as well as Babito ®, which stimulates early feed intake; the ultimate feed for the youngest piglets. The cohesion between the Nuscience young piglet feeders and the Agrifirm feeding bottle/piglet feeders is unique. The uniform raw materials and flavourings contribute to healthy and high growth rates for the piglet.

The production lines in Agrifirm factories in Veghel and Zwolle are now designed in such a way that piglet feed can be produced that is of higher quality and with an even higher efficiency. Through its very strict control on Mycotoxins, Agrifirm aims every day to create the safest pig feed that is available.

The feed concept, advice and monitoring tools contribute to the Agrifirm vision and mission to deliver sustainable and measurable value.