Agrimax V-Flecto, the latest member of the BKT family


At the SIMA tradeshow in Paris, BKT unveiled the absolute innovation of the range: Agrimax V-Flecto. A winning mix of technologies to improve the performance of cutting-edge tractors.

Less soil compaction, reduced operating costs, higher load capacity, no need to purchase specific rims, nor to change the inflation pressure between working in the fields and road travel. These are just some of the features of the new Agrimax V-Flecto presented as a world premiere at SIMA 2017 in Paris, which just closed its doors. BKT could not choose a better event than this year’s SIMA edition, which attracted a total of 232,000 visitors. Yet, a debut in style for the new tire that has captured the visitors’ attention thanks to the huge tractor made of 1,500 kg of Plexiglas, on which it was fitted. Certainly an original display for a one-of-a-kind product that combines features that can significantly improve the performance of the equipment, accurately meeting current and future requests of modern farming.

The agricultural market is drastically changing, revolutionizing rules that just a short while ago appeared to be stringent and unchangeable. All segment sectors are experiencing an exponential technological growth that crosses over all areas, pointing users towards high-quality products and “combined” solutions able to streamline work and increase productivity. 

A clear example of this phenomenon is Agrimax V-Flecto, a complete product to further enrich the BKT Agrimax line, improving tractor performance on all kinds of terrain.

Agrimax V-Flecto is the first BKT tire that uses NRO Technology (Narrow Rim Option). It already complies with the new experimental standards introduced by E.T.R.T.O., the European Tire and Rim Technology Organization. This marking makes it possible to use the recommended rims in the standard size instead of specific rims, which are required for VF tires of the same size.

Synonymous with strength and power, this tire also offers a life cycle that is at least 10% longer than its standard equivalent, thus optimizing overall management and maintenance costs. 

The ultra-resistant casing and the special reinforced bead make Agrimax V-Flecto perfect both in the fields and during road transfers without changing the inflation pressure along the way.

One of its greatest strengths, indeed, is the ability to maximize the load without having to change the inflation pressure, regardless of the speed, managing to transport 40% more weight compared to a standard tire of the same size and with the same recommended rim. At the same time, this tire reduces soil compaction – a crucial requisite to preserve the intactness of the soil – thanks to a streamlined footprint and a 10% larger tread profile.

Another plus of Agrimax V-Flecto is the outstanding driving comfort, thanks to the optimized new lug angle design, which greatly reduces vibrations and noise during road transfers.

This real high-tech tire is the result of truly listening to and focusing on the operator, enhancing the value of the equipment itself. A brilliant example of the constant commitment in the area of Research & Development that has distinguished BKT ever since.