Bayer at EuroTier 2016

Animal Health and Crop Protection from a single source


Under the leitmotif “Partners in agriculture – animal health and crop protection from a single source,” Bayer Vital GmbH and Bayer CropScience Deutschland GmbH will jointly appear at EuroTier 2016 to present their newest offerings and services. At the B12 trade fair booth in Hall 2, veterinarians and farmers can learn about current topics and service offerings from the areas of animal health, crop protection and farm hygiene.

Animal health dialog

The vetinarians and animal owners are increasingly facing significant challenges posed by the 16th amendment to the German Medicines Act [Arzneimittelgesetz], the drafts of the German Veterinary Medicine Cabinet Regulation [Tierärztliche Hausapothekenverordnung] and the German government’s key issues paper on antibiotics and, last but not least, intensive societal debate.”

In his presentation at the Bayer press conference entitled “Optimizing the use of medicines to increase well-being and profitability,” Dr. Franz Pirro, head of Marketing Farm Animal Products, Animal Health Division of Bayer Vital, will take a closer look at how the targeted use of pharmaceuticals pays off in farm animal husbandry.

Increasing emphasis is also being placed on objective information for consumers about issues surrounding the production of animal-based food. Bayer supports veterinarians and farmers in this dialog and has produced a new educational brochure containing the right arguments to appropriately answer frequently asked questions by consumers about nutritional questions related to the production of animal-based food products. The brochure “Animal Health Dialog – Questions & Answers on Livestock Farming” will be presented for the first time at EuroTier.

Bayer Animal Health on an innovative path to the future

A lot of space at the trade fair booth will also be dedicated to the wide-ranging possibilities of digital management in farming: veterinarians, farmers and animal owners are increasingly accessing information on the internet, are networked and want to be able to take advantage of the entire range of digital equipment without interruptions in their workflows – from the smartphone in the stable or the fields to the PC set up in the office.

Optimal and profitable use of animal health products

Proper use of animal health products is something that affects not just veterinarians, but also animal owners. Both hold tremendous responsibility when it comes to preventing and treating diseases in animals. Veterinarians and animal owners are increasingly facing significant challenges posed by the 16th amendment to the German Medicines Act (Arzneimittelgesetz), the planned draft amending the German Veterinary Medicine Cabinet Regulation [Tierärztliche Hausapothekenverordnung] and the German government’s key issues paper on antibiotics and, last but not least, the intensive societal debates. In his presentation at Bayer’s press conference entitled “Role of animal health products in modern livestock farming – improving the well-being of animals and the profitability of farms,” Dr. Franz Pirro, Head of Marketing Farm Animals at Bayer Vital GmbH, took a closer look at how the targeted, regulatory-compliant use of pharmaceuticals pays off in livestock practices.

[email protected] Health

With portals and offerings tailored to these needs, Bayer Animal Health is showing how the digital transformation can be achieved. Examples including the Bayer Farm internet site (, which provides important up-to-date information in German-speaking countries, and mobile applications such as a Bayer Farm TV app and an Animal Health mobile app. Bayer will also be providing information during the trade fair through further digital service offerings such as the Bayer livestock academy for farmers.

All digital offerings presented at EuroTier are key elements of the global digital strategy of Bayer Animal Health, about the scope and objectives of which Dr. Almut Hoffmann, Global head of Marketing Farm Animal Products, Bayer Animal Health, will provide information in her presentation at the EuroTier press conference. This includes the upgrade to the well-established BCS Cowdition app that enables body condition scoring (BCS) of dairy cows to be easily measured and provides an overview of the health of both individual animals and the entire herd. As Dr. Hoffmann says, summarizing the outlook for the future,“Collation of large, regular data volumes will enable earlier and more accurate diagnoses of diseases in the future. Improved, targeted treatment of animals will enable us to support major themes such as resistance management and antibiotic reduction.”

Free online seminar: dialog and practical solutions

Sustainable food safety in livestock production: How can mycotoxins be avoided in animal feed and food?

Mycotoxins reduce farm animals’ productivity, compromize their immune systems and often cause serious fertility problems. Preventive measures should therefore be implemented right from the cultivation stage to ensure the production of healthy animal feed and food. The Bayer Livestock Academy (NTAK) is now opening its advanced training program to the agricultural industry as well: the company is for the first time offering an online seminar series for farmers and farm managers under the slogan “Sustainable food safety in livestock production.”

BCS Cowdition enhanced to improve herd health management

The enhanced BCS Cowdition smartphone application presented by Bayer is designed to simplify and increase the accuracy of body condition scoring (BCS) of dairy cows. The upgrade now also allows scoring of Simmental cows and assessment of individual cows’ BCS scores on the basis of their lactation cycles, automatically sends alerts for cows that require more intensive supervision and provides a dashboard that gives farmers an overview of their entire herd. BCS Cowdition is available in 10 languages and is free for download from the AppStore and GooglePlay.

Bayer CropScience: BayDir® – Bayer’s new digital customer portal

Some customers would prefer to only receive the information they really need, and only be notified about what’s really relevant. BayDir® transfers expert advice from the field to the digital world.The customer portal channels the flood of information and provides its users with exactly the information that is relevant for their daily work. Bayer wants to make it as easy as possible for its customers to maintain an overview.

The BayDir® portal provides farmers, consultants and dealers with competent and regional advice, up-to-date information, more knowledge and – as in the past – the Premeo bonus program. The new service portal includes forecasts and risk assessments; specifically coordinated with up to five stored locations and the selected fields of interest. This includes, for example, details on infestation risks for a wide variety of diseases and harmful organisms, as well as specific application recommendations. The “News” feature contains information on current seasonal developments, technical articles and current activities. Important warnings and news can now be received by the new “BayDir Aktuell” app as push messages.

Another focus of the new BayDir® is on advanced training offers with online and on-site training opportunities. Registered portal users can sign up for regional field days and conferences from any location by computer, and thus direct questions to Bayer prior to the events as well as glean useful information. (For Premeo participants, the card number and password now also enable access to BayDir®. Simply sign up at This also applies for newcomers.)

Protection of stored products now more effective with Bayer CropScience products

In the storage of cereal products, protection against storage pests is a key aspect of maintaining the quality of the goods. Cereal pests such as granary weevils, sawtoothed grain weevils or moths have the potential to cause tremendous damage. It is important to protect produce against contamination.

K-Obiol® EC 25 is the only product registered in Germany for space-spray application, and can be used on both porous and non-porous surfaces. K-Obiol® EC 25 is also registered for the treatment of grain. Here K-Obiol® EC 25 can be used to protect cereals against insect infestation for up to 12 months. Should problems with stored grain beetle pests occur prior to storage in silos or renewed problems with moths materialize during the storage period, the DEDEVAP® plus atomization generator can be used. This project is registered for use in the presence of openly stored grain (