BvL at EuroTier 2016


BvL wins Innovation Award presented by the DLG

BvL's homogeneity measurement system V-READY to Feed has been distinguished by the DLG with their Innovation Award

Bernard van Lengerich Maschinenfabrik GmbH & Co.KG (BvL) in Emsbüren strives to support dairy farmers in their efforts to produce a feed mix of con-sistent quality – day in and day out. To assist them in this endeavor, BvL has created the homogeneity measurement system.


BvL: New transceiver box for V-DAIRY Feeder TMR

with a new and improved Bluetooth antenna for even faster recording and transmission of data

Fully customized dairy cattle feeding technology that is on the cutting edge – that is one of the strong points of Bernard van Lengerich Maschinenfabrik (BvL) from Emsbüren in the Emsland region. The company’s highly advanced portfolio also includes the mobile weighing and feed management system named V-DAIRY Feeder TMR.


BvL: Use the V-DAIRY Feeder TMR system to calculate feeding efficiency and income

mobile weighing and feed management system with versatile functionality; compatible with all mixer wagons

Cost control and feeding management are pivotal to anyone you wants to run a dairy farm with maximum efficiency. The mobile weighing and feed man-agement system V-DAIRY Feeder TMR System by Bernard van Lengerich Maschinenfabrik GmbH & Co.


BvL: Bedding implement – now with even greater durability

V-COMFORT Bedding with thick layer passivated conveyor belt frame; for improved corrosion protection.

Aside from their feeding and other aspects, the design of the surfaces on which the animals rest is a factor of paramount importance to the health and, ultimately, the performance of the animals – especially to the cows on a dairy farm.


BvL V-MIX Plus: New 22 m3 mixer wagon added to the family of external loaders with two augers

The V-MIX Plus 22-2S is BvL’s answer to the ever increasing demand for medium-sized mixer wagons.

With the new V-MIX Plus 22-2S Bernard van Lengerich Maschinenfabrik GmbH & Co. KG (BvL) is rounding off their V-MIX Plus line of medium-sized external loaders with two augers. Delivering a capacity of nearly 22 m3, this new mixer wagon is already the 14th size option that BvL is offering in their two-auger mixer portfolio.


BvL: 360° camera system for self-propelled mixer wagons

Everything at a glance at all times

Maneuvering a mixer wagon on a farm always involves the risk of potentially dangerous situations, e.g. when the vehicle is backed out of the clamp or the barn. For this reason, Bernard van Lengerich Maschinenfabrik (BvL) is now offering a 360° camera system for their self-propelling mixer wagons.


BvL: The biggest member of the V-MIX family

V-MIX Giant 46-3S on its way to Russia

The fact that Bernard van Lengerich Maschinenfabrik GmbH & Co. KG (BvL) from Emsbüren, Germany, builds mixer wagons of exceptional quality is known to many farmers around the globe. However, not every farmer is aware that BvL also builds mixer wagons of extraordinary size.


BvL: Energy-saving feeding technology for biogas plants

Whether installed as a new system or to replace an existing system in biogas plants – dispensing systems remain in great demand in Germany. One aspect that is becoming increasingly important is the power consumption of the feed-ing equipment used.


BvL and fodjan team up

Interface between feed management system and ration calculation system

The feed management system V-DAIRY Feeder offered by Bernard van Lengerich Maschinenfabrik (BvL) and the fodjan ration calculation application are becoming available as a joint interface for your systems.


BvL: New straw blower

Larger, more flexible, and even more powerful – the new V-COMFORT Turbo straw blower engineered by Bernard van Lengerich (BvL), the family-owned-and-operated manufacturer from the Emsland region, now adapts even more effectively to the needs of any farming business.


BvL: The new straw blower is a winner!

BvL's new straw blower for attachment to a mixer wagon distinguished with the French award for innovation Inel d’Or

This is already the 26th time that innovators are distinguished with the Inel d’Or. The award is bestowed by L'Eleveur laitier and La France agricole, two of the most influential magazines covering topics on agriculture in France.


BvL: New oscillating headstock on tandem axle

For heavy-duty applications on unpaved roadways.

Bernard van Lengerich Maschinenfabrik GmbH & Co. KG (BvL) is supplementing their line of axles and will soon offer customers a new tandem axle that is supported on an oscillating headstock.