BvL: The new straw blower is a winner!

BvL's new straw blower for attachment to a mixer wag-on distinguished with the French award for innovation Inel d’Or


This is already the 26th time that innovators are distinguished with the Inel d’Or. The award is bestowed by L'Eleveur laitier and La France agricole, two of the most influential magazines covering topics on agriculture in France.

The unique feature of our new straw blower is its use of air flow. When the straw blower is mounted to a mixer wagon, air flow improves the feed of material, thereby assisting the dispersal of the straw in the barn. This innovative procedure makes it possible to blow out 250 kg/min.

On September 12, BvL was awarded the Inel d’Or during the early evening program on the opening night of the Space agricultural fair in Rennes. "The new straw blower was unveiled at this year's Space in France. France is a market of supreme importance to us and our machines. France's cattle indus-try is the second largest in Europe", explains Mr. van Lengerich, Managing Director of BvL.

The trade show honors manufacturers for their innovative technology in six different categories:

  1. Feeding equipment
  2. Machinery
  3. Service
  4. Milking installations
  5. Performance
  6. Aspects important to society.