Complete housing solutions for breeder, broiler and layer production


During EuroTier 2016, Jansen Poultry Equipment (JPE) presents solutions for todays and future production of hatching eggs, poultry meat and consumption eggs. The company advises and helps customers to build a complete poultry production facility. Besides a proper design and implementation of the production facility also poultry management is offered. Both facility and poultry management must be optimal in order to achieve the best possible performances out of breeders, broilers and layers.

The whole package

The whole package for optimal poultry production, arranged by Jansen Poultry Equipment
Successful poultry production starts with creating the right production environment. The building and all (technical) facilities must contribute to optimal performance of poultry and enable practical management for the farmer. On the base of these requirements Jansen Poultry Equipment arranges a complete poultry production facility starting with an exploratory conversation with the customer.

With the customers’ demands and wishes as starting point, a team of Poultry Specialists, Project Managers and Technical Engineers make a design for an appropriate poultry production facility. The type of poultry production (production of hatching eggs, consumption eggs or meat), the demanded production capacity, local (weather) conditions, conditions on the farm and other aspects that influence the choice of equipment are well thought out and integrated into a proposal. The quality of the building, housing equipment, feed- and water supply, ventilation and lighting are elements that play an important role in the success of poultry and can be arranged.

Implementation of facilities by Project Management

After approval of this proposal, Project Management starts with the implementation. During the whole process from proposal to handover of the production facility, the customer only has to deal with one contact point for all questions.

Poultry Management for optimal bird performance

If the facility for poultry production location is finished, poultry managers can help with the start-up of the new poultry flock. Poultry managers are specialized in optimizing the performance of poultry. All settings for correct management of the poultry are implemented. This means that the settings for lighting, feeding and water supply and ventilation correspond to the needs of poultry.

Housing solutions promoted during EuroTier 2016

Key corner stone in the implementation of a poultry production facility is the housing equipment in which layers, breeders and broilers can perform. Innovative housing solutions are designed by poultry specialists and technical engineers with the focus on optimal bird performance and practical management. Therefore, systems meet the needs of poultry and have a high level of atomization.

Young aviary pullets are reared in rearing systems to become well trained layers that perform optimal in aviary systems. The aviary system in its turn must provide layers an ideal environment to perform and contain a nest that protects the quality of the consumption egg.

For breeder production the quality of the laying nest is most essential because it determines the quality of the output. The nest must protect hatching eggs from dirt and damages and attract birds by its comfort. After all it’s the quality of the hatching egg that determines the quality of the young chick after hatching.

Finally, broiler chicks must be raised in an environment in which they can become healthy broilers that have an optimal carcass and meat quality. This means they must be free from breast blisters, foot pad dermatitis and other diseases such as respiratory problems. Read more about breeder, broiler and layer systems on the website of Jansen Poultry Equipment

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