Cow-Welfare at EuroTier 2016


Innovative welfare solutions for cows - designed and developed in Denmark.

10 years with Cow-Welfare FlexStalls

10 years have passed since Cow-Welfare invented CW FlexStalls™. A lot has happened with the product and the company in these years, and the development is going to new heights all the time. Cow-Welfare, now a family company, has extended the warranty and introduced lifelong service on their products.


Cow-Welfare Flex Feed

Cow-Welfare Flex Feed™ is the newest invention from Cow-Welfare A/S. As the name says it is a flexible feeding fence. It is able to be pushed 30° forward, so that the cows are able to reach more feed. This means that they are able to eat more, at get full faster.


Cow-Welfare LatexSoft CHY: A popular mattress for cows

Cow-Welfares addition to the product family in 2014 was Cow-Welfare LatexSoft CHY, a mattress with two comfort zones. One for the front knees of the cow and one for the hindquarters. The mattress is the only product on the market that has a built in slope of a 4 degrees drop backwards.