Delacon at EuroTier 2016


Delacon has been a pioneer and world market leader in phytogenic feed additives for more than 28 years. The company researches, develops and manufactures plant-derived products for poultry, pigs and ruminants, and coined the term ‘phytogenic feed additives’.

Phytogenic feed additives in the spotlight

In addition to the rising need for high-quality animal protein, and high feed costs, new challenges have arisen from consumer worries about animal welfare and antibiotics. The U.S. are taking the role as the global driving force with many foreign markets expected to follow. However, the requested changes as well as new regulations raise complex challenges for livestock producers worldwide. Reliable solutions are for the most part multi-level no silver bullets. Due to their wide range of modes of action, proven phytogenic feed additives (PFAs) are seen as natural choice for production systems meeting consumer demands.


The Power of Nature: Defining the Scientific Gold Standard

The increasing consumer pressure against the use of antibiotic growth promoters has strongly pushed the developments of all kinds of feed additives, some with and others without clear proven modes of action. Phytogenic feed additives (PFAs) are increasingly accepted by the feed industry to improve animal performance. However, due to the increasing number of plant-based feed additives that are offered on the market, it is getting more and more difficult to reliably divide ‘marketing products’ from effective additives optimizing livestock production. A certain distinction is needed, and the EU-authorization as ‘zootechnical feed additive’ is seen as Scientific Gold Standard in the industry.


When the animals are happy, we’re all happy

This maxim is nothing new. Especially not for farmers, who nurture and care for their animals every day. For consumers too, the buzzword is animal welfare. At the same time, food dumping is threatening the very existence of many farmers. Sustainable and species-appropriate livestock farming must be efficient and profitable. Feed additives derived from plants – known as phytogenic feed additives – can help make this a reality.


Plant-based feed additives for better meat quality

Consumers set great store by food quality, as well as animal welfare and food safety. Plant-based feed additives can have a positive impact on this because they significantly improve the quality and shelf life of meat. This has been confirmed by numerous studies.


Delacon launches Actifor® Start for profitable calf production

At EuroTier 2014, Delacon launched the product family Actifor® for dairy cows and beef cattle. In time for this year’s EuroTier, the pioneer in phytogenic feed additives extends its range with Actifor® Start for profitable calf production preventing digestibility issues. This product is one of the candidates for the Innovation Award EuroTier 2016.


Delacon launches Aromex® Pro for profitable, sustainable pig fattening

Recently, Delacon introduced a phytogenic feed additive named Aromex® Pro to perfectly meet the needs of growing-finishing pigs. As of today, the product has been launched on the US, Asian and European markets. Other regions will follow.