DeLaval Innovations at EuroTier 2016


To support our customers’ future success, it is key to stay innovative. Throughout the years, DeLaval has been relentless in doing so and during the last 20 years alone has accrued 250 patents. Demonstrating that by being a customer of DeLaval you have access to productivity and efficiency gains, to address challenges within for example animal welfare, work efficiency, food safety and farm profitability, based on the latest technologies.

At EuroTier 2016 DeLaval will be showcasing the following innovations:

DeLaval cleaning analysis DCA

This patent pending tool improves the cleaning procedure before issues occur, securing optimal milk quality.

DeLaval DCA is a tool to determine effectiveness and efficiency of mechanical (slugs) and thermal processes during cleaning in milking machines. Its innovation lies in an algorithm that automates the way slugs in the milk line are analysed. The core of the analysis is the measurement of the slew rate (speed of vacuum drop) in two sensing points in the milk line during cleaning. By evaluating the mechanical and thermal processes of the cleaning of a milking machine, DeLaval DCA improves the cleaning procedures before problems appear, securing high milk quality at all times.

  • Building on the DeLaval proprietary front line test system called DeLaval performance tester VPR200
  • Wireless vacuum sensors enabling very advance Slug analysis – DeLaval VPR200 algorithm
  • Temperature analysis – remote DeLaval VPR200 Wireless Temperature Sensor
  • Professional report with possibility to include in-pipe photos using DeLaval VPR200 compatible camera

Stanchion Barn App DeLaval 4milk

A smart phone, cloud based cow management patent pending tool for all stanchion barns
DeLaval 4milk is a cloud based cow management application. It uploads data directly from DeLaval Stanchion/tie stall milking units MUBLUE/MU480/MU486 via Bluetooth. All the data collected via these three milking units during milking is transferred to the app, the app analyses the data.

  • Available on Android, IOS smart phones and tablets
  • The cow data is stored on the smart phone and in the cloud.
  • The customer can authorise access to the data to partners, veterinarian, feed advisors etc
  • Designed for use by all types and sizes of Stanchion/tie stall farmers

DeLaval cleaning control unit T300

An innovation to control cooling and cleaning processes in milk storage tanks.

The patented DeLaval T300 unit keeps milk at the optimal temperature and ensures the cooling tank is cleaned properly once it is emptied, which is essential to ensure milk quality. Cooling and cleaning parametres can be programmed to meet specific requirements taking minimal required time no matter if you are using conventional milking systems or DeLaval VMS™. It is a cost effective control unit. On average it uses 30% less water than conventional circulation cleaning systems.

  • Built-in milk monitoring system providing information of current milk tank status (including milk temperature and volume, or current stage of cleaning)
  • Provides a history of cooling and cleaning operations.
  • A warning system informs the milk truck driver if it is safe to pump the milk from the milk tank.
  • Optional GSM module for receiving alerts on your mobile.
  • Full integration with DeLaval DelPro™ Farm Manager when used with DeLaval VMS™.

Five-point plan to control digital dermatitis*

The purpose of the five-point plan is to look at the whole farm and control all factors that impact digital dermatitis risk. The five-point plan to control digital dermatitis could help farmers, vets and hoof care specialists to further improve the digital dermatitis situation on farm.

1. External biosecurity to keep disease out of farm
2. Internal biosecurity to minimise infection pressure on cows
3. Early identification, recording and treatment of clinical cases, in association with hoof care
4. Frequent foot disinfection to reduce new cases
5. Define and monitor hoof health targets
* Plan applies to young stock, dry cows and milking cows

DeLaval is an advocate of the 5 points plan and supports it. For example, EasyStride™ has been especially developed with point four in mind, namely frequent foot disinfection in order to reduce new cases.

EasyStride™, patent pending, is a premium hoof care biocidal solution for dairy animals developed to control the spread of hoof infection causing bacteria in dairy cows; used in a hoof bath or as a topical spray. Since it’s formulated with a new environmental approach using organic acids, EasyStride™ is completely free of heavy metals, Formaldehyde and Quarternary ammonium compounds (QAC).

Cow longevity – DDF1200, LED & cow brush family

Continuous innovation in cow comfort and farm management improves life time productivity and in turn farm profitability:

DeLaval dairy fan DDF1200: When cows experience heat stress, their appetite drops and so does their milk yield. The registered design DeLaval DDF1200 prevents heat stress and keeps cows comfortable and productive.

  • Unique design delivers more focused air-stream
  • Greater cooling effect with less energy
  • Very quiet when working

DeLaval cow LED CL6000 and CL9000: The first and only barn patented illumination led by the needs of cows rather than the requirements of people. As cows and humans have different capabilities in detecting various wave lengths in light, this new design is founded on this distinction.

  • Right light distribution, which-boosts milk production and secures cow comfort.
  • It creates significant savings on maintenance costs due to the durability of LED lights.
  • The right colour mix and batwing distribution leads to 75% energy saving compared to today’s HID lamps, increasing milk performance.
  • The included observation light (Night light) secures optimal work conditions for people.

DeLaval stationary brush SB: DeLaval stationary, registered design, cow brush SB provides safe and effective grooming for cows. The stand-alone unit can be used on its own or as an additional cow brush.

  • Robust, galvanised steel construction
  • Flexible, long-lasting horizontal brush
  • Two long-life brushes
  • Unique design, effective bristles