Diamond V at EuroTier 2016


At the EuroTier Information Bourse in Göttingen, Germany, 21 September, global nutrition and health company Diamond V shared EuroTier news with agricultural journalists. Dr. Francisco Ysunza and Peter Zieger discussed next generation dairy technology and poultry pre-harvest food safety technology.

NutriTek® is Diamond V’s most advanced nutritional health product for all dairy animals. This new dairy-specific technology builds on the proven success of Original products including XPC-LS in the European dairy market. Recent European farm trials confirm North American research and experience, validating the NutriTek milk production increase of more than 3 liters compared to production without a Diamond V product.

Also at EuroTier, Diamond V plans to present the most recent research on the patent-pending use of Original XPC™ (XPC) as a proven method for foodborne pathogen reduction in livestock and poultry.

Research in the USA and Europe has shown that feeding XPC helps reduce the prevalence and numbers of Salmonella and Campylobacter in poultry, as measured in the animal, production environment, and processing plant. The most recent peer-review published research also has shown reduced Salmonella virulence and antibiotic resistance. Research conducted in other species has shown that Diamond V technology supports optimal immunity, health, and performance when animals are challenged with foodborne pathogens.

With headquarters and all manufacturing in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, USA, Diamond V is a leading global nutrition and health company, conducting research in many species, and supplying natural, fermentation-based products and expertise to improve animal health, animal performance, and food safety worldwide. More than 70 years of science, innovation, technology, and quality have earned Diamond V the reputation of The Trusted Experts in Nutrition and Health®.

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