Find us on TikTok – Steyr pioneers a new social media path


Want to make sure you don’t miss out on what’s happening? If you are in tune with the latest in social media trends, you’ll know that means you need to be on TikTok. And for young farmers passionate about agriculture and interested in the world of cutting-edge tractor technology, the sector’s first brand with a presence on TikTok is STEYR.


The Austrian premium tractor brand has joined TikTok, on which users share short videos, to strengthen its connections with potential and existing customers, by building brand awareness and communicating with the younger generation of farmers that are a key audience for the blend of premium quality and high-end technology that characterizes STEYR tractors.

“With the reputation enjoyed by STEYR tractors for those twin characteristics, STEYR’s presence on TikTok will further enhance its connection with the go-ahead farmers of the next generation,” believes Peter Friis, Head of STEYR Europe Commercial Operations.

“STEYR’s presence on TikTok adds to our existing commitments to social media channels, which also includes our recent joining of Spotify. Here, at ‘STEYR Traktoren’ the STEYR team has selected music to make the working day in a STEYR tractor even more enjoyable. Take a look and choose your favourite STEYR playlist. And to follow us on TikTok, find us at steyr_traktoren_official.”