Fliegl Agrartechnik at EuroTier 2016


Small transmitters, great benefit: Intelligent Beacons

The new Fliegl beacons recognize, count and save

They are small and technically simple but can do a lot: beacons are one of the most exciting developments in recent years. Currently, new application areas are being opened up for the Bluetooth transmitters, also in agriculture and livestock farming. Fliegl has provided its new generation of beacons with the ability to count and save. In combination with its more robust design, Fliegl beacons are the basis for intelligent farm management, accurate documentation and secure billing.


Ingeniously simple: Beacons for a better manure management

Fliegl tank counter gathers data and moves them into the cloud

Beacons are paradoxical: They are small, simple and affordable and at the same time really great. The inconspicuous transmitters are based on simple Bluetooth technology and, if intelligently used, open up completely new ways of data collection. Fliegl’s new tank counter includes a beacon which can count and save – counting manure tankers has never been so simple, accurate, wireless and maintenance-free.


Efficient logistics – fertilizer production

The Fliegl RondoDry offers a new drying process   

Why stocking up on water and carrying it as ballast when it’s actually about the manure and its valuable substances? Fliegl’s slurry and drying experts have developed the RondoDry, a system which extracts water from separated manure through a special process, so that storage and transport capacities can be used more economically. As a result of the drying process, the machine supplies high-quality fertilizer (ammonium sulphate solution).


Fliegl Skate: The perfect distributor for every slurry tanker

Low-emission and low-level manure spreading with new trailing shoe distributor

The upcoming German fertilizer ordinance will most likely require low-level manure spreading on the field in bands as of 2020 at the latest. With the Fliegl trailing shoe spreader “Skate”, Fliegl Agrartechnik introduces a new distributor for intelligent manure technology with which you are best equipped for the future.


So that everything keeps flowing

Fliegl filters keep hydraulic oil clean

Hydraulic systems are used in the numerous and multi-faceted processes of agri-logistics.
So that these processes can run reliably over the long term, the hydraulics have to provide trouble-free operation – and this is ensured by clean oil.