Köckerling novelties at Agritechnica 2019


  • Allrounder -flatline-
  • New frame concept and disc suspension for the compact disc harrow Rebell -classic-

Allrounder -flatline-

The Allrounder -flatline- is designed for an extremely precise soil preparation and the incorporation of difficult organic material, at the same time excellent contour adaptation to the surface to be worked.

For the unconditional maintenance of the set working depth, especially in the very shallow working area, the Allrounder -flatline- is equipped with four solid front support wheels and a double STS roller. The working depth can be adjusted hydraulically from the tractor seat. Thus, an adjustment of the depth is also possible during work. A clearly visible scale indicates which working position the machine is running on. In order to guarantee the same working depth across the entire working width of the machine, the Allrounder -flatline- is equipped with an outstanding contour adjustment. The contour adjustment is based on the one hand on four front support wheels, which are mounted at a great distance from each other on the machine and on the other hand with the possibility of the folding parts of the machine also over and under stretch. Thus, the relief of the surface is scanned and the Allrounder -flatline- works reliably in the set working depth.

So that even large amounts of organic matter can be incorporated optimally, the tines are mounted on a total of six bars. So the allrounder -flatline- can have a very narrow tine spacing of only 130 mm, but has sufficient clearance for plant residues around each tine. Here, the great length of the Allrounder -flatline- proves to be a guarantee for trouble-free work, even under difficult conditions.

Another special feature is the excellent leveling of the surface, because the soil lingers long in the machine, mixes well with organic material and is then optimally distributed.

The field of application of the Allrounder -flatline- extends from very shallow soil tillage up to 13 cm deep loosening. Optionally, various tools are available, e. g. the points 60 mm or a goose foot point with 200 mm cutting width.

The Allrounder -flatline- can also be equipped with a leading knife roller and a level board for the special adjustment to the operation and the arising requirements.





Knife roller: Particularly suitable for cutting rape stubble, can be hydraulically adapted to the conditions.

Levelboard: Produces a more intense crumbling and leveling.

Double tines: Increases the pressure of the tine on medium and heavy soils.

Hill-side-disc: Allows straight work on mountains.


Special features of the Allrounder -flatline-

... very precise compliance with the set working depth, even at very shallow soil cultivation.

... good contour adaptation for areas with crests, depressions and slopes.

... solid construction of the machine. Due to the high machine weight, the penetration of tools into the ground is just about all conditions guaranteed.

... the large length of the machine allows a high operational safety, even if a lot of organic matter is on the surface.

... versatile applications. With the Allrounder -flatline- not only the stubble cultivation can be done efficiently, but also the seedbed preparation, as well as the incorporation of cover crops.



  • shallow stubble cultivation, first intervention of crop residues
  • mechanical weed control, full-surface section
  • incorporation of difficult crop residues
  • seedbed preparation
  • deeper loosening up to 13 cm
  • incorporation of slurry


Technical data


Working width 6.00 m (7.50 m)
Tine spacing 130 mm (130 mm)
Number of tines 47 (59)
Tine type "Elephant" leaf spring tines 70x12 mm
Under frame clearance 64 cm (64 cm)
Weight 8,150 kg (9,710 kg)
Power requirement from 250 hp (from 300 hp)
Transport width 3.00 m (3.00 m)
Roller double STS roller 530 mm

 knife roller, front level board, hill-side-disc, double spring, following harrow





New frame concept and disc suspension for the compact disc harrow Rebell -classic-

After Köckerling now also offers disc harrows with the Rebell series for some years, the Rebell -classic-type machines have been fundamentally redesigned.

In particular, the suspension of the discs has been redesigned. The farmer can choose between two suspension options to configure the machine to the conditions of his operation the best. On the one hand the well-known leaf spring suspension is available, on the other hand Köckerling now offers a spiral suspension as an alternative. The spiral-suspended support is characterized by an aggressive engagement of the discs in the ground and more intensive mixing. Even at high working speeds, the spring loaded suspension ensures smooth running and reliable penetration of the discs into the ground.

On farms with rather light soils, it is recommended to equip the machines with a leaf spring suspension to get the most out of the job.

With the Rebell –classic- series, Köckerling offers a compact disc harrow for shallow soil tillage. This modern machine is built extremely compact and thanks to the integrated double STS roller always fit to use, even under hard conditions. With the Rebell -classic- you can do both the shallow soil cultivation directly after the combine threshing, as well as the seedbed preparation for the mulch sowing. Even on plowed surfaces, the machine achieves excellent results in crumbling and leveling. At working depths of 2 cm to 12 cm, the Rebell -classic- proves to be very easy to move and thus offers great impact for the farmer. The machine is equipped with 510 mm discs, which are fastened with two-row tapered roller bearings on each bracket.





Hydraulic depth adjustment: For a continuous adaptation of the working depth to the conditions on the surface without having to get off the tractor.

Additional weights: On heavy soils, the additional weights support the penetration into the ground and the intensity of the work.

Roller level board: Produces a more intensive crumbling and leveling, can be adjusted hydraulically in the aggressiveness.

Following harrow: For optimal straw distribution, leveling and the production of fine soil. Can be adjusted in intensity to the conditions.

Roller: STS or double STS roller possible.



  • Incorporation of crop residues
  • Seedbed preparation
  • Deeper loosening up to 12 cm
  • Incorporation of slurry
  • Shallow stubble cultivation




Technical data Rebell -classic-


Working width 3.00 m 4.10 m 5.20 m
Disc diameter 510 mm 510 mm 510 mm
Tine spacing 130 mm 130 mm 130 mm
Number of discs 22 34 42
Weight 1,490 kg 2,580 kg 2,980 kg
Power requirement from 110 hp from 150 hp from 180 hp
Transport width 3.00 m 3.00 m 3.00 m
Roller STS roller or double STS roller 530 mm
Cutting angle 16 ° 16 ° 16 °
Disc angle 16 ° 16 ° 16 °