KUHN at EuroTier 2016

Mixer range: All the advantages of PROFILE with a single-auger!


The KUHN mixing and feeding machine range is expanding with the arrival of 18 new single-auger vertical mixer/feeder models: PROFILE DL-CL-PLUS.



These new models integrate the design which has forged the reputation of PROFILE ranges with two vertical augers: low power requirement, mixing quality, more compact design.

The most significant change made to this new range is its geometry. The PROFILE range has been developed with, as its primary objective, the best “overall height / effective capacity” ratio. For example, 14 m3 models less than 3.00 m high.

Single-auger PROFILE mixers: a wide choice of configurations!

  • Available in 9 to 15 m3 sizes for herds of 45 to 110 dairy cattle (depending on the fibre content).
  • The PROFILE range is available in several configurations:
    • DL Models: Direct feeding by chute or side conveyor,
    • CL Models: Cross-conveyor feeding,
    • PLUS Models: With straw-blowing turbine.
  • Wide range of feeding solutions to meet all situations. Two 800 mm and 1100 mm tilting conveyors are available for troughs. The PROFILE CL version can accommodate the cross-conveyor at the front or rear for sheds with no separate exits.
  • Scalable machine: like all other mixers in the KUHN range, single-auger PROFILE mixers can upgrade their capacity with extensions.


Single-auger PROFILE mixers: mixing speed and quality!

  • Single-auger vertical mixers: the 8 knives equipping the auger can be set to several positions to adjust the aggressiveness of knives with long-fibre fodder.
  • The “double pitch” auger design guarantees optimum fodder expansion and mixing, including mixing small quantities in summer.
  • The polygonal body profile provides optimum machine rigidity while accelerating the mixing process and chopping of fibre.

Single-auger PROFILE mixers: PLUS version for “more” versatility:

  • VENTIDRIVE system to achieve the performances of a conventional bedding machine. The patented asymmetric straw output door guarantees the uniform suction of more straw.
  • The large diameter turbine provides enough peripheral speed to blow straw up to a distance of 18m.
  • As an option, a swivel chute to access the left or right of the machine.

Single-auger PROFILE mixers: built to last!

  • The integrated chassis for a longer machine life while maintaining a low overall height without compromising ground clearance.
  • The angle gearbox for the auger transmission is based on KUHN technology. A sign of confidence, it is used on all KUHN mixers with up to 3 vertical augers and a capacity of 33 m3. The transmission with a two-stage bearing reduces the lever forces generated by the incorporation of whole bales.
  • The Kuhn KDW 341 electronic weighing system is supplied on the entire range as standard. With this programmable unit, rations can be produced per head or per batch (with 200 memory positions – for example, 25 rations comprising eight ingredients).