Milk exporters of the future conference at EuroTier 2018


New international dairy conference “Milk exporters of the future” will take place during EuroTier 2018 on November 14 – Event will examine how globalization of the milk market will be affected by growing milk production in countries that traditionally imported dairy products – Organizers are the DLG and the Russian Dairy Research Center


A new international conference taking place during EuroTier 2018 will focus on global trends in the dairy market. Jointly organized by the DLG (German Agricultural Society) and the Russian Dairy Research Center (RDRC), and supported by media agencies and The DairyNews, the event, “Milk exporters of the future”, will be held on 14 November from 10:00-13:30 in Room 3B of the Convention Center (CC) at Hanover Exhibition Center.

Recent decades have seen a dynamic growth in milk production in traditional exporting countries, and this intensification of trade and capital investment flows has resulted in considerable globalization of the milk market. More recently, however, milk production has been growing in the countries that traditionally imported dairy products. Both post-Soviet and Asian states have significant development potential, and in the near future they could begin competing with the current global players in the dairy market.

At the new conference taking place at EuroTier 2018 on November 14, representatives of government agencies and industry associations will engage with experts from these future exporting countries to discuss the impact of global trends on regional markets, as well as discussing key industry issues and sharing their experience of exporting to third countries. Key speakers from Russian, Belarus, Ukraine, Iran and Lebanon have already agreed to take part.

Starting at 10:00, the conference will be conducted in German, English and Russian, with simultaneous translation available. Visitors to EuroTier will be able to participate free of charge, although for organizational reasons prior online registration will required.

International conference – Milk exporters of the future

Date:               Wednesday, 14 November 2018

Organizers:    DLG, RDRC

Venue:            Room 3B, Convention Center (CC), Hanover Exhibition Center

10:00               Welcome address by Rene Döbelt, Vice President of DLG

Topics under discussion:

  • How the dairy world will look in the year 2030
  • Asian countries – internal importers or ascending players in the dairy market?
  • The role of CIS countries in current and future world dairy markets
  • Dairy exports of the Republic of Belarus: from mono-dependence to diversification
  • Export realities and prospects for Ukraine's dairy industry: to the West or to the East?
  • The development potential of the dairy industry in MENA countries
  • Export of knowledge and technologies of the dairy industry from Russia and CIS countries

Participating speakers:

  • Michael Mischenko, Director of RDRC (Russia)
  • Torsten Hemme, Managing Director of the IFCN (Germany)
  • Alexey Bogdanov, Head of the Main Department of foreign trade of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food in the Republic of Belarus (Belarus)
  • Andriy Dykun, Chairman of the Ukrainian Agrarian Council (Ukraine)
  • Ghassan Sayegh, General Manager of Middle East Agrifood Publishers (MEAP) (Lebanon)

Closing remarks by Stefan Dürr, Chairman of the DLG’s Eastern Europe Working Group

12:30               Conference closes