Mitas at EIMA with new mobile tire pressure app and wide product range


At the EIMA fair in Bologna, Mitas, part of Trelleborg Group, will be showcasing the highlights from its agricultural range including Agriterra flotation tires, VF HC 2000 tires for high horsepower tractors, municipal and tractor tires. From November 9 to 13 at stand A1 in Hall 14, Mitas will display key innovations from its market-leading range of specialist tires.

Pavel Kott, product manager for Mitas agricultural tires, said: “One of the highlights of our presence at the EIMA fair is definitely Agriterra flotation tires. Designed to address the specific needs of farmers, Mitas Agriterra tires can bring them higher yields thanks to lower soil compaction caused by flotation tire during field operation.”

Steel-belt construction agricultural tire

One of the main advantages of Agriterra flotation tires is their low operating costs with a positive impact on fuel consumption. Steel-belt construction ensures higher load capabilities, stability at elevated speeds of more than 30 kilometers per hour and improved puncture resistance. The tire’s tread features larger voids, improving its self-cleaning properties. Thanks to the well-designed tread pattern, Mitas flotation tires have an 11% larger footprint than other premium competitors and 22% larger than competitors using a traction-type tread pattern. Mitas offers 14 variations of flotation radial tires.

Kott added: “We understand the complexity of work in agriculture, and besides reliable tires we want to offer farmers something to ease their routine. That is why we developed a mobile app for the correct setting of tire pressure.”

At EIMA, Mitas will introduce a new mobile tire pressure app for Android and iOS devices as well as for Windows phones. The new app will allow farmers to easily find the right pressure for their tires to achieve the best results in the field and on the road. More information will follow prior to the EIMA fair.

Other products on show will include:

High horsepower tractor tire  

Mitas VF HC 2000 tires are designed for high horsepower tractors and the range now offers four sizes with future expansion planned. The very high flexion tire's main advantage is maintaining constant tire pressure at any speed. The VF's larger footprint leads to less soil compaction and increased mobility under difficult and wet soil conditions. At its stand A1 in hall 14, Mitas will display the VF 710/70R42 HC2000.

High capacity in the 70 profile segment

Mitas HC 70 represents a new approach to the 70 profile segment bringing to the market a high-performance tire developed for tractors of up to 180 hp. The HC 70 offers improved load capacity, gentler ground handling and driving comfort. The Mitas HC 70 is adaptable, which makes it suitable for use in a wide range of operating conditions. At EIMA fair Mitas will display the 480/70R34 HC70.

Municipal tires for various applications

Mitas High Capacity Municipal (HCM) tires are designed for municipal use. They are a universal tire suitable for work on various terrains and for mounting on different machines in a number of applications. A unique cascade tread lug design ensures outstanding traction in snow, muddy and wet conditions while providing optimal self-cleaning properties. Mitas now offers five sizes of HCM tires: 400/80R28, 440/80R24, 440/80R28, 480/80R38 and the new 540/80R38 which is to be seen at Mitas stand during the Bologna fair.

For further details of all of these products and to talk to experts from Mitas visit stand A1 at EIMA fair to be held in Bologna, Italy, from 9 to 13 November 2016.