Mitas starts sales of Super Flexion Tyre in Europe


Mitas are introducing new sizes of Super Flexion Tyre (SFT) for high-horsepower tractors over 180 hp for European markets. Six dimensions are available from July 2014 onwards: 900/60R42, 710/60R34, 650/60R34, 710/65R46, 750/65R26, 580/85R42. Three new sizes: 620/75R26, 1050/50R25, 1250/50R32 will be introduced later in 2014. These nine sizes of Mitas SFT will not be produced in the Continental SVT range. They are solely designed and manufactured under the Mitas brand at the company’s factories in Otrokovice (CZE) and Charles City (USA). 

“Mitas is manufacturing and marketing Continental- and Mitas-branded tyres. This year, we expect a breakpoint in our sales, which will mark the domination of Mitas-branded tyres,” said Andrew Mabin, Mitas’ sales and marketing director. “New sizes of Super Flexion Tyre are exclusive to the Mitas brand. It is our high-end product and a benchmark of tyres for high horse-power machines on the market,” Mabin added.

Mitas SFT draws on the performance of Continental SVT farm tyres. Mitas has been producing SVT since 2004 but new sizes of Super Flexion Tyre for European and US markets are replacing SVTs. The introduced SFTs are produced in new and larger sizes than existing SVTs so the manufacturing process is more demanding and technically advanced. Mitas SFT is a high-end product that represents the best of the tyres for powerful machines in Mitas´ portfolio and embodies the top product on the market. 

The Mitas SFT was first launched on the U.S. market and produced at the Charles City (Iowa) plant. Now the full range of Super Flexion Tyres will increasingly be available on European markets, as well. The Mitas SFT is being produced at the new plant in Otrokovice and Charles City.

Mitas’ Super Flexion Tyre represents excellent performance equivalent or better than Improved Flexion (IF) concept with no compromise! Its main advantage is the flexibility of variable inflation pressure and optimal performance according to application. Flexible ultra-strong sidewalls allow low inflation pressures for high load carrying capacities, gentle ground handling and higher yields.

Mitas 900_60R42 SFT
Mitas 900/60R42 Super Flexion Tyre. Foto: Emil Houska 2013.