NutriTek® for Dairy Cow Health and Performance


Global nutritional health company Diamond V is launching NutriTek® for the European market 15-18 November at the EuroTier international agricultural trade show in Hanover, Germany.

First launched in the USA in January, NutriTek is Diamond V’s most advanced nutritional health product for all dairy animals. This new dairy-specific technology builds on the proven success in the European dairy market of Diamond V Original products, including XPC-LS.

Peter Zieger, DVM, Technical Sales Support Manager, and other experts will be available at the EuroTier (Hall 23, Stand B03) to discuss recent European farm trials that confirm North American scientific research and producer experience. The European research validates the NutriTek milk production increase of more than 3 liters compared to production without a Diamond V product.

In the USA, the proven, natural, nutritional health technology of NutriTek has enabled dairy producers to optimize cow health and performance despite the long slump in milk prices. Controlled research and farm trials with the product have involved more than 100,000 cows on more than 20 commercial dairies.

Based on next generation fermentation technology, NutriTek provides DV Bioactives™ with enhanced antioxidant capacity. These unique bioactive compounds function synergistically to support immunity, health, and performance. Optimized rumen health and balanced immune function translates into healthy cows that can perform to their genetic potential. Research shows NutriTek supports:

  • Rumen health
  • Dry matter intake in early lactation
  • Maintenance of body weight
  • Efficient feed utilization
  • Milk production over entire lactation

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