RICON takes logistics centre into operation


The subsidiary of the GRIMME Group, the company RICON from Rieste (Germany), has built a new logistics centre for webs and conveying equipment. A total of 3.5 million Euros has been invested.

The new RICON logistics centre (left building) in the industrial area of "Niedersachsenpark", close to Rieste (Germany).


The new logistics centre consists of a 7 000 m² hall and a second, intermediate building with over 800 m², which is  connected right to the assembly plant. The logistics centre has capacities for the storage of 7 200 webs and belt and also has a so-called "block warehouse" with a storage area of 3 000 m². The products can now be stored regardless of weather conditions and the logistics processes can be significantly simplified, resulting in improved delivery capacity, especially during the peak season.

The intermediate building serves mainly as a point of transhipment for all material movements. The location of the transshipment centre allows more efficient and optimised processes for supplying production, for storage and retrieval and for preparation for shipping. This creates new open spaces in the assembly building, which are available to increase capacity and support new projects.

"Within one year we succeeded in planning and implementing the whole project. All parties involved cooperated in a perfect way, so that we were able to put the logistics centre into operation already in January of this year", states Felix Lingens, managing director of RICON.


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About RICON:

With over 145 employees, RICON, founded in 1995, has been developing and producing modern webs and conveying equipment in the industrial area of the "Niedersachsenpark" since 2011.

With more than 7 000 versions of webs and belts RICON is the most versatile manufacturer for webs and conveying equipment for agricultural applications. This particular flexibility not only enables a very fast response to market changes, but also provides customers with a high level of spare parts supply, even for old machinery. RICON supplies not only the GRIMME Group but also many other well-known manufacturers who use sieving webs and conveying belts in their machines. Since 2018 RICON has extended its range of business activities by the production of scraper systems for belts and rollers in the food industry, using the brandname of "plan-Be".