Royal Agrifirm Group signs joint venture agreement in Algeria with Diam Grain


Last week, Royal Agrifirm Group signed a joint venture agreement in Algiers with Diam Grain, aimed at the local production and sales of premixes in Algeria. The agreement includes the construction of a new state of the art premix plant that will offer high quality nutritional solutions for the expanding Algerian animal nutrition market.


Building on their long standing business relationship, Diam Grain and the Royal Agrifirm Group have signed an agreement to start a joint venture for the production and sales of high quality premixes in the growing Algerian market. Diam Grain’s extensive experience in the animal nutrition market fosters the international, nutritional and technological expertise of the Royal Agrifirm Group. The combined strengths will provide top nutritional solutions for the Algerian poultry and ruminant markets. Moreover, Algeria has been an important export market for the Royal Agrifirm Group for many years.

The construction of a state of the art premix production unit is planned in Blida, centrally located near Algiers with all major animal production zones within easy reach of the facility.

“Combining the commercial strength and vision of our partner with our know-how is a guarantee for a successful growth in this dynamic and expanding market” says Filip Thyssen, Business Unit Director MEA of the Royal Agrifirm Group. Mohamed Omari, founder and owner of Diam Grain, adds “The technological and nutritional expertise of the Royal Agrifirm Group is essential for realizing our ambitious plans of taking animal nutrition in Algeria to the next level”.

“I’m proud of this step and have a lot of confidence in a common future“ says Dick Hordijk, CEO of the Royal Agrifirm Group.