Schäffer at EuroTier 2016

A Higher Efficiency, Increased Agility and Driving Comfort for Schäffer Medium Series Loaders


In time for the EuroTier 2016 Schäffer increases the agility and the driving comfort of its medium-series loaders. The difficult condition in the agricultural markets requires the machines to be increasingly efficient. A re-designed concept of the drives, a new engine with electronically regulated drive and a larger cabin contribute to increase the efficiency of the Schäffer loaders and to support the daily work.

HTF (High Traction Force) as from now on supplied as standard in the 2345 T SLT. Due to this automatic traction regulation, the loader becomes even more agile during its daily tasks.


At Schäffer HTF stands for “High Traction Force“. HTF regulates the thrust automatically  enabling the loader to supply the highest possible thrust even when in fast gear. This is made possible by using a new axial piston-bent axis motor that regulates speed automatically depending on the traction. This is particularly advantageous in an uphill position as the driver does not have to switch to first gear. The driver also benefits from this new function when digging into aggregate material: If more thrust is required of the loader, the hydraulic motor adapts automatically to the required traction, without the driver having to interfere manually. As from now all Schäffer loaders of the 23-series will be equipped and delivered with the HTF-drive  as standard, without extra cost.

New motor and electronically regulated drive for 50 HP machines - as with the 3550 T here – allows extended functions and increases the safety standard.


From now on the 3550 T, 4250 and the 4350 Z will be equipped with the new Kubota-motor and an electronically regulated drive. This motor offers the highest possible torque in its class and is unique in the market of 37 kW/50 HP loaders with their electronically regulated drive. The torque property of the diesel engine is adapted to the drive, offering the driver a multitude of advantages: operating costs decrease as the diesel fuel consumption is reduced. Also starting uphill will become a lot easier as the starting-up assistant stops the vehicle from moving backwards. A further advantage: The optionally available potentiometer takes over the task of a cruise control. The loader keeps a constant speed automatically and independent from the motor speed - especially convenient when working with fodder dosing devices, straw distributors or mulchers.

Additionally, the electronic control offers several new safety functions as for example an overheating protection and a motor over-revving protection, rendering working with the loader even safer and more reliable.

As from now the Schäffer 3550 T will be equipped with a new cabin offering even more driving comfort.


Also drivers of the telescopic wheel loader 3550 T will enjoy additional driving comfort from now on. There will be a larger cabin, which so far was only used for machines of the 4000-series and optimising the driver’s ergonomics has first priority. All operating- and control instruments have been arranged clearly and user-friendly.  The comfortable seat and optimal leg space offers a significant comfort to the driver during long working hours. A generously sized glazing offers the driver an all-round visibility over tools and the manoeuvring area. All hydraulic functions can be integrated into the joystick, enabling a precise and sensitive single lever control. Due to using a larger cabin, air-conditioning can now also be supplied for the 3000-series class.

Learn more about the efficient Schäffer loaders at the Eurotier in Hall 24, Stand E11.