Schauer at EuroTier 2016


Schauer Agrotronic – New Products for the EuroTier 2016 Trade Fair


NatureLine – low-emission fattening stable for animal welfare

New patent pending concept of fattening stable is a successful symbiosis of the demands of society for more animal welfare, less emissions in a pig farming and, on the other hand, additional demands of the pig farmers for economically profitable and labour-saving housing systems.


NFC SmartControl – Smart Farming in Realtime

Smart Farming is the buzzword of the day. And „smart users“ are all of us. But really smart solutions in a livestock farming lag significantly behind the foreign economy and especially consumer sector. With a new SmartControl Schauer has implemented an interface between feeding computer and smart application and has already realised it as a product of series manufacturing in some application areas.


Compident 8 ESF – matured to perfection

For more than 30 years successful and worldwide used Compident electronic sow feeding was further developed and is presented in a new design. A new functional extension is the central selection for several stations and large dynamic groups.


Babyfeed suckling piglets’ feeder for milk replacer and prestarter additional feed in farrowing pens

A great progress in the genetic performance potential of piglets had been made in recent years. A litter size of about 14 to 16 live-born piglets can be achieved in well managed pig breeding farms. As a result sows reach the limits of their milking ability and lose too much weight in the nursery. Early additional feeding of the suckling piglets in farrowing pens provides remedy, as well as approx. 500 g higher weaning weights of the piglets with simultaneous reduction of the sows weight losses.


MamaDos – turbo dry feeding for „mamas“ in the nursery at the sensational introductory price

Big litters and strong piglets require more milk from the sow than it is able to take energy and feed. The better the pig breeders succeed in improvement of the feed consumption, the higher milk production is and the lower the sow weight losses in the nursery are. Farrowing interval time to the next pregnancy and thus production efficiency per sow and year are reduced. MamaDos is the answer in the field of dry feeding.



ROVER – self-driven feeding robot for automatic cattle feeding (AFS)

An absolute worldwide innovation at the trade fair EuroTier can be presented by the companies Rovibec (producer) and Schauer Agrotronic (sales partner): TRANSFEED ROVER – new self-driven feeding robot for automatic cattle feeding.


FeedBoy – a smart feed pushing robot increases the feed consumption and efficiency of cows

Regular feed delivery through the multiple feed pushing increases the staple feed consumption and thus milk production and efficiency of the dairy cattle farming. It is now proved a number of times scientifically and in practice. In most of the existing dairy farms this must be done by hand. FeedBoy from Schauer does it fully automatically every day.


ENRO – Smart Control (App) – for the easy control and remote operation of the ENRO manure removal robot with the smartphone

ENRO manure removal robot impresses in the first instance with the especially user-friendly concept of the PC route planning for easy installation and ongoing optimization of the programmed course for cleaning of the slatted floor in a cattle shed.



Spotmix FISH II – even more efficient feeding system for professional fish farmers

Numerous customers in Austria, Germany and Switzerland are already delighted with the used automatic Spotmix fish feeding system, which saves high labour costs and increases feed efficiency. The central mixing and distributing unit (batch mixer) was revised and enables the simultaneous mixing of more feed portions to the same recipe and the subsequent exact valve-related pneumatic distribution to the feeding places via weighed distributing tank.


TOPO FISCH – coupling program to the important fish management programs for the professional aquaculture farms

Aquaculture is an important business branch in the food production with good prospects for the next years. Professional approach in the feeding and management is indispensable for economically successful production. Schauer has been successfully active with Spotmix Fish feeding system for years. The professional management is now further facilitated and improved due to the coupling programs to the leading fish management software systems of the companies Linn and Nova Fish.