SGARIBOLDI at EuroTier 2016


Two series joined, SGARIBOLDI presents the new 6000 Series

SGARIBOLDI offers the widest range of self-propelled machines from 5 to 35 m3 in the market. Together with the 1000 und 8000 Series, the new Series 6000 will complete the program of self-propelled mixers. This self-propelled will be shown for the first time to the world on the EuroTier show in Hannover this year.


Smart mixing technique SGARIBOLDI presents the groundbreaking INTELLITECHNOLOGY

At EuroTier SGARIBOLDI is going to present a smart technology, which will help not only the owner, to save time and money, but it also will increase the production of milk and meat as a consequence. At the same time the control of the new generation of self-propelled machines of SGARIBOLDI is going to become more intuitive and thanks to the automation clearly more user-friendly.


Quick Squirrel SGARIBOLDI SQUIRREL now also with 5m³ available

Diligent, nimble and dexterous: Squirrels are among the best known rodent ever. Even with adjectives written above, nimble and full of energy can symbolize the qualities of a squirrel. Adjectives that also can be applied to the smallest self-propelled made by SGARIBOLDI.