smaXtec Inside Monitoring System – Live From The Inside

Keep Your Dairy Cows In Your Pocket


It‘s never been easier for dairy farmers to keep a close eye on key areas of day-today herd management – with its brand new, innovative Inside Monitoring System the Austrian company smaXtec animal care now offers a unique solution enabling relevant data to be generated live from inside the dairy cow and alerts to be issued and targeted action to be taken relating to both early detection and prevention of health disorders as well as reproduction management and feeding.

So far, smaXtec customers have been able to use the innovative bolus technology in the continuous measurement of rumen pH and temperature in their cows and achieve improvements in the key areas of disease prevention, feeding and performance. The introduction of the measurement parameter “activity” means that users now have access to further important applications. Provision of such comprehensive information relating to the health status of the herd enables rapid identification of areas for improvement and means targeted action can be taken.

We offer our customers two solutions:

  • smaXtec Basic, the simple, low-cost solution for all farmers, enabling monitoring and management of the key areas of reproduction (heat detection, calving management) and animal health as well as water intake.
  • smaXtec Premium, a comprehensive solution providing the customer with support in the key areas of reproduction, health monitoring and feeding management optimization. Using smaXtec Premium enables enhanced performance while at the same time enabling savings to be made through optimized feed efficiency and a reduction in medication and treatment costs.

Each solution is of course individually tailored to meet specific customer requirements. The smaXtec product range is complemented by our web-based cloud solution smaXtec Messenger, which makes all of the information available anywhere anytime. If there are any significant changes, the customer automatically receives an alert via email or push
notification in the app. The data can – as required – be shared with the farmer’s dairy consultant, feed advisor or veterinarian so that the best possible use can be made of the available information.

“Making our customers’ lives as easy as possible and at the same time having a real-time positive influence on animal health – that’s our vision. As well as improving animal health, we see it as part of our mission to focus our activities on making day-to-day life easier for farmers. On a societal level we want to achieve a better balance between the well-being of the dairy cow through less stress and discomfort due to factors such as heat and medication and the ever-present need for improved performance”, explains Anton Frauscher, Head of Sales & Marketing at smaXtec.

And using the system clearly pays off. Users report a significantly reduced workload – no more manual temperature measurements and a lots of time saved with heat detection. The benefits are also quickly seen in calving management – the early alert received before the onset of calving enables close observation before the birth and, if required,
targeted intervention. Within just a short time of using the system milk yield is increased and there are improvements in health and reproduction.

It is of course smaXtec’s mission to further develop this advanced technology. “Our goal is to establish our unique solutions on the market. In our role as technology leader we continue to focus on the latest developments in the sector and the needs of our customers. We will thus soon be working towards the next relevant developments such as, for example, tools for improved animal identification”, said smaXtec CEO and co-founder Dr. Stefan Rosenkranz, who also highlights the long-standing close cooperation with research centres as an important factor in the success already achieved.

In conclusion, Inside Monitoring marks a further, important technological step. The combination of measurement parameters (pH/temperature/activity) and the unique forms of analysis this enables clearly set smaXtec apart from the competition. The measurement location also has significant benefits for the customer - once the bolus is in position the
system is maintenance-free. There is no risk of loss or injury as is often the case with systems that rely on wearable devices – this enhances animal safety. Furthermore, the data is clearly assigned to a particular animal and saved permanently.