The CLIMMAR-Index: the business cycle of European Ag machinery dealers at a glance


During their annual congress in October 2018 in Prague, 15 national members associations experienced a world premiere, when the new „CLIMMAR-Index“ was shown for the first time. The index describes the current dealers and service situation in nearly 19.000 companies in 16 members-countries at a glance in just one single number.

Source: CLIMMAR Branch Reports

The new CLIMMAR-Index is created based on country-weighted values of the current and expected turnover- and investment situation. It can move in a bandwidth between +3 (there everything would be best everywhere) to -3 (that would mean the absolute negative record). The content is derived from the half year branch reports surveys published by CLIMMAR.

Currently, the CLIMMAR-Index shows a +0,61 point, but it has passed a peak point in the last year. This depends on the current European situation: after a quite good Spring, the dry weather and droughts all Summer long in most European countries led to the situation that less tractors, machines and equipment was sold. As a result, investments were nearly completely stopped.

CLIMMAR-President Erik Hogervorst expressed his satisfaction: „This CLIMMAR-Index is the first and only branch-value in Europe, that shows the business cycle for European agricultural machinery dealers.“

The CLIMMAR Index is also to be found on the CLIMMAR website.