“Tractor of the Year 2021” awards assigned


On December 18th took place the Awarding Ceremony of Tractor of the Year 2021. The digital event was in live streaming on; and on the main social media.


This year 18 tractors have been competing for the 4 TotY’s awards. 4 tractors competing for Best of Specialized 2021 5 tractors competing for Best Utility 2021 9 tractors competing for Tractor of the Year 2021 All the 18 finalists were also in competition for Sustainable TOTY 2021.

During the digital event were assigned the following awards:


After a long and depth analysis of all the technical Parameters, the jury has elected Massey Ferguson 8S.265 as Tractor of the Year 2021 This is a full new tractor, new style, new and innovative transmission, new cooling system, new hydraulic system, new and silent cab. Last but not least a full new package of technology.

The jury had to evaluate the full package of technical Parameters, considering also that utility tractors must be easy to maneuver and versatile. Based on these elements and thanks to attention to all the details, to the versatility, the technology offered on board, the very efficient hydraulic assistant and many other features. Valtra G 135 Versu has been elected Best Utility 2021.




The jury has elected Fendt V Vario 211 Best of Specialized 2021. With a full new cab, has improved the working environment for the driver. The Dynamic Performance extends power range, the extra power (10 hp) is controlled and released automatically according to the working needs. High quality reliable tractor with a very efficient transmission.




The winner of Sustianble TOTY has been chosen among all the finalists tractors of all the Toty’s categories. With Claas 960 Axion, thanks to Cemos system, a big step towards a more sustainable farming has been done. All the technology available on this tractor is easy to use as never before. The optimization of all the technology all the electronics, last but not least the optimization of tires pressure, allows to this tractor a remarkable fuel saving and a much more efficient performance on field and in any working condition.



Thanks to the partnership with TOTY, BKT looks at the future of agricultural mechanization through the privileged lens of its support for the award for the best European tractors.

This afternoon the awards were assigned to the winners of Tractor of the Year (TOTY) 2021, which BKT, as from this year and up to 2024, will support as main sponsor.

To assign the “Tractor of the Year” award to the best European tractor, a jury of 26 experts studied the best technologies and solutions proposed by the most important manufacturers on the market.

The partnership between the prestigious award and BKT arises with the aim of disseminating knowledge and expertise in agricultural mechanization. The Indian multinational has found a place as an expert on the “tire” component, sharing as the main parameter in identifying the best projects a hi-tech vision focused on the future.

With the official assignment of the Award, the tractor of the future now has its own identity: first of all it is now reductive to call it a “vehicle”, instead it is a genuine system, a data incubator intimately digitally connected to the world through the cloud. Inside the cabins, which are equipped with every comfort for the driver, it will house a digital console of monitors that can provide all the real-time data related to carrying out its work, from the external weather conditions, to the physical-chemical conditions of the land, up to indicating the level of wear and tear on the tires.

But above all, besides this, today's tractor is becoming a central and integrated part of a new global approach in agriculture, where the work in the field must be related solely and exclusively to the sustainable yield, with a global saving that can help people and their environment.

So said Lucia Salmaso, CEO BKT Europe, during the award ceremony, which took place in live streaming on the platform: “I am happy to be here together with you to find out who has won. But more than being happy, I am overcome by emotion. TOTY has always been a very enticing project. This year even more so owing to the exceptional circumstances.

I think that TOTY is an event which has become a tradition, but at the same time is evolving and showing us the future developments in the agricultural sector. TOTY highlights the best ideas from the best tractor manufacturers. TOTY is synonymous with innovation. It looks to the future and sets trends. BKT is proud to sponsor and take part in such an extraordinary event, which is the only one of its kind.

It is the realization of a project which has been going forward for a year which has not been easy for all the parties involved. Nonetheless, it is very stimulating and encouraging when a goal is reached together with people who share the same spirit and determination.

May I add that a digital edition of TOTY is an absolute novelty. As sponsor, we have been able to follow all the stages of this extraordinary challenge. Being part of all this feels good.”

“May I offer my personal congratulations to the winners of the 4 categories: MASSEY FERGUSON, VALTRA, FENDT and CLAAS – Lucia Salmaso continued. I am absolutely taken back by the research, by the incredible solutions developed in terms of technology, all focused on environmental and economic sustainability. Projects and ideas which almost seem to be science fiction. And yet they are not, as we are all aware. In recent months we have seen intense research by manufacturers and this has been a powerful stimulus also for those who, like us, make tires.

I can only thank everyone for this, for having raised the level of enthusiasm, the drive to improve, to grow. We could say that the winner today is the future.

I hope that this passion, which we put into all our sponsorship projects around the world, has reached the TotY audience, also because next year we will be even more up for the challenge.”



Lucia Salmaso, Fabio Zammaretti and Pietro Polidori


"Thanks to the whole team involved, we have managed to produce video and other content dedicated to the key issues for our sector, content which has been disseminated worldwide through the digital platform and through social media channels, reaching over 2.5 million people with over 850,000 views and 200,000 interactions. All this would not have been possible without BKT’s priceless collaboration," concluded Fabio Zammaretti, Chairman of Tractor of the Year.

In its first year as main sponsor, BKT wished to contribute to the success of the initiative by focusing on people's involvement through numerous online events.

For BKT, this emergency has challenged all to think creatively and so numerous projects have come into being, such as training and virtual events and even a new TV channel, the BKT Network where over recent months, the company has broadcast a number of programs on key themes, such as agriculture, as well as involving the public in other news from the BKT world.

Involving operators, end users or simple enthusiasts is part of BKT's communication style by telling stories and interacting; a concrete way to grow and improve.

The curtain goes down on the 2020 edition of Tractor of the Year (TOTY). BKT, as a privileged observer, treasures all the stimuli and ideas, in order to move on to the next challenge.