Victam Asia will join forces with VIV Asia in January 2022

Impact exhibition center, Bangkok, Thailand, January 12 – 14 - 2022


After postponing the event Victam Asia twice, now with the current vaccination programs all over the world, we are positive that Victam’s world leading event can be organized again in January 2022! This means that we are getting back on track.


As many events were postponed the past two years, there will be a full agenda once events can take place again. To optimize the event for our exhibitors and visitors and trying to avoid conflicts with other events, Victam and VNU have decided to join forces: Victam Asia and VIV Asia will be organized in co-location.
The two events Victam Asia and VIV Asia will be organized in co-location at the IMPACT Exhibition Center in Bangkok, Thailand from January 12-14, 2022.
After informing our existing exhibitors, we received many positive reactions on this cooperation, so we trust we are coming back with our event that you have come to know us for, only bigger, better and stronger!