Vogelsang at the EuroTier: machines and components for efficient liquid manure management


At the EuroTier (Nov. 15–18, 2022, Hannover Messe), Vogelsang GmbH & Co. KG will be presenting its range of machines and components designed for the efficient use and distribution of liquid manure and fermentation residues.


In hall 27 at booth B32, the internationally operating mechanical engineering company will for the first time present its compact UniSpread universal linkage as a hose version. “In addition to the equipment options as a dribble bar or a trailing shoe linkage, we are offering our customers a further option with the UniSpread as a hose system and thus broadening our range of tailored liquid manure distribution systems,” says Harald Vogelsang, Managing Director of Vogelsang.

Lower soil compaction through hose option

A slurry tanker is not required for the hose version, as the liquid manure is pumped from the edge of the field directly to the linkage distributor via a supply hose. Consequently, the tractor carries the UniSpread as a classic attachment and simultaneously trails the hose across the field. The advantage of eliminating the slurry tanker is that it reduces the overall weight of the tractor combination, in turn leading to lower soil compaction. As of the EuroTier trade fair, the hose version will be available for the UniSpread linkage in working widths of 6 to 10.5 m.

ExaCut ECM compact precision distributor without air suction

Vogelsang is expanding its portfolio to include the ExaCut ECM precision distributor, thereby adding a further precision device that works without air suction. The smaller version of the ExaCut ECC is especially suitable for applications where there is not much space for the distributor on the linkage side. “Our customers need working vehicles that are as compact and maneuverable as possible. Consequently, we have noticed a trend towards shorter, wider slurry tankers,” explains Henning Ahlers, Sales Director Agricultural Technology Germany. Furthermore: “Since a modification of the road traffic regulations regarding maximum outer widths is unlikely, manufacturers of distribution technology have to save space as intelligently as possible. The new ExaCut ECM will be an important module in this respect.”

image 2_vogelsang_exacut ecm

To achieve this compact size, the ECM is not fitted with an air suction system, but nevertheless manages to distribute with great precision because the innovative rotor concept ensures an even supply of liquid manure to the hose outlets.

Innovative solid-liquid separation with the XSplit

At the EuroTier, Vogelsang will be unveiling its XSplit press screw separator as a complete system solution, consisting of a separator, a VX-series rotary lobe pump, a RotaCut wet cutter and control technology, all optionally mounted on a trailer. The separation enables farmers and biogas plant operators to optimally separate liquid manure and fermentation residues for distribution and further use. The press screw separator achieves a dry substance content in the solids share of up to 40 percent and is therefore suitable for many different agricultural applications. By repositioning the drive at the solids outlet, no extra shaft seal is required to the medium, greatly reducing wear costs and maintenance downtimes.


image 3_vogelsang_xsplit press screw separator as a system solution


Low-emission liquid manure distribution with BlackBird and SyreN

The Vogelsang BlackBird trailing shoe linkage, which will be showcased in working widths of 15 and 24 m at the trade fair booth, stands for efficient, low-emission liquid manure distribution. SyreN, the system designed to stabilize liquid manure through the addition of sulfuric acid, makes it possible to reduce ammonia emissions by up to 70 percent and make optimal use of the nutrients.


image 4_vogelsang_swingmax_syren


Sturdy and durable: ProCap T progressive cavity pump

Vogelsang’s pumping technology for agricultural applications ensures that liquid manure and fermentation residues are reliably transported. Consequently, the ProCap T progressive cavity pump for tankers is especially sturdy in design. The large ball opening and insensitivity to foreign matter makes it a low-wear, highly durable solution. The fully welded housing ensures longer operating and service life, along with the robust interior. Moreover, the ProCap T is more compact than other progressive cavity pumps on the market and thus requires less space on the tanker.

image 5_vogelsang_progressive cavity pump procap t

Vogelsang at the EuroTier/EnergyDecentral, November 15–18 2022, Hannover Messe:
Products for the agricultural sector: Hall 27, booth B32
Products for the biogas sector: Hall 25, booth F18