Weidemann at EuroTier 2016


The brand positioning in focus with "designed for work".

This year, Weidemann GmbH (private limited company) expanded the communication with a so-called claim, an addition to the logo. Christina Heine gives the reasons for this in an interview.


A world of configuration options – a machine with the feel of a construction kit

Compact design, low centre of gravity, small turning circle and powerful performance - these are what have made the Hoftrac® range of machinery the success it is today. The latest addition to the Hoftrac® range is the new 1380, which particularly stands out from the crowd thanks to its vast range of configuration options.


Wheel loaders and telehandlers from the 40- and 50 series with new motors and options

The 4080/4080T and 5080/5080T wheel loaders and telehandlers now meet the latest exhaust gas standards. The 40 series can now be equipped with three different Perkins motors: 55 kW (75 hp), 75 kW (102 hp) and 90 kW (122 hp). The 75 hp version corresponds to emission standard level IIIB with DPF (diesel particulate filter), the 102 and 122 hp versions correspond to emission standard level IV (tier 4 (final)). The 50 series always comes equipped with the larger 90 kW motor (122 hp), with exhaust gases being processed by a DOC (diesel oxidation catalyst) in combination with SCR-cat (selective catalytic reduction).


New attachments added to the Weidemann range

The Weidemann attachment range has now been extended with a hedge trimmer and branch saw. Both attachments feature a lightweight and compact design but can still generate significant performance. The hedge trimmer enables branches up of to 25 mm to be cut, and the branch trimmer; up to 100 mm thick branches. Both attachments are available for model 1160 and above, as well as all larger vehicles.


The 1160 eHoftrac® from Weidemann is undergoing developments

Weidemann’s first electrically powered farm loader - the 1160 eHoftrac® - was launched on the market in 2014 as a forerunner in this modern type of drive system. The vehicle has been in series production since April 2015, is widely used in the field and has now experienced its largest enhancement. Starting 2017, the eHoftrac® will feature a high-quality AGM battery produced by the company Hoppecke. AGM stands for “absorbent glass mat” - in this type of battery, the electrolyte is bonded in a non-woven material made from fibre glass. The system is thus leak-proof thanks to its sealed battery box. The battery is less sensitive to temperature changes and generates less heat while charging and during operation.