Welcome to BKT's 3D new dimension


Available as of today on the new and original 3D functions dedicated to users: an immersive and engaging journey to discover BKT tires.


As from today, on the website, it is possible to view in 3D over 300 products from the BKT tire ranges, interactively ”exploring” the solutions and the website. This new function makes it possible to look at the tires from various perspectives and in the minutest detail, thus assisting users in choosing the most suitable product for their needs.
But that is not all. The online experience is also enhanced by the new BKT “video pills”, which accompany the 3D display of products. These videos can be accessed through a simple click and here experts from BKT talk about the main features and functions of the selected product. For example, by activating the videoclip it will be possible to see the tire in the test stage and find out more about its technology and key features.

And the focus of BKT's new online experience is always on the same protagonists: the end users, with their needs and requirements.

ENGAGING, INTERACTIVE, IMMERSIVE. These are the key words which encapsulate the essence of the new BKT-made functions, designed to let its users experience the brand's solutions in a completely new and immersive way.

It is a further step forward for the company which works constantly to make the online experience even more user-friendly, in its search to provide increasingly interactive content to its customers and end users.

Watch the video presentation of the new functions of the BKT website: