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Worldwide News 2019.07.10.

Monster Jam makes its debut in South Africa. A great first!

Three completely sold-out evenings for the first appearance on the African Continent at Durban, Cape Town, and Johannesburg. The across-the-globe-unparalleled motorsport show, where forceful BKT tires bite the most adverse grounds, leaves a deep impression in the hearts of thousands of fans.

Worldwide News 2019.03.08.

Africa-Europe Alliance: European Commission committed to a sustainable African agri-food sector

According to the recommendations of this group of African and European experts, Africa and the EU should develop a partnership operating at three levels: people to people, business to business, and government to government. It would institute a multi-stakeholder dialogue at all levels, starting locally, and enable a closer connection between African and European societies, business communities and governments.

Worldwide News 2018.12.27.

Promoting climate action and improving access to private finance, among recommendations for rural Africa

At the High-level forum Africa-Europe 2018, the Task Force Rural Africa presented its recommendations for sustainable development and job creation in rural Africa. Established to advise on how best to develop Africa’s agriculture and food sectors and its rural economy, the Task Force proposed to improve access to private finance for small and medium size agriculture and food businesses and to mainstream environmental sustainability and promote climate action, among other recommendations.

Worldwide News 2018.10.12.

EU-Africa partnership: 4th meeting of the Task force rural Africa in Brussels

The Task force rural Africa is holding its fourth meeting today and tomorrow, 11th and 12th October, in Brussels. Trade, value chains, regional market integration and sanitary and phytosanitary standards will be at the centre of discussions. In addition, this afternoon African and European representatives from NGOs, regional agricultural associations and other institutional and private organisations will debate with the members of the task force.

Worldwide News 2018.09.14.

Towards stronger EU-Africa cooperation

With a population expected to double by 2050 from 1.2 billion to 2.4 billion predominantly young people, the African continent will need to foster job creation and economic growth through sustainable development.

Worldwide News 2018.06.26.

Farmers in Thailand and Zambia are most likely to invest in their businesses this year

The scale of modernization under way in Thailand’s farming sector is clear from the latest “Chart of the month” from DLG-Agrifuture Insights, which shows that, on average, about 70 per cent of farmers in the country intend investing in their businesses. Thai milk producers are particularly likely to invest, with 90 percent ready to spend money on their dairy farming enterprises. Research carried out for the new knowledge brand and platform for international trend analysis in the agricultural sector from the German Agriculture Society (DLG) also revealed very high levels of investment in Zambia, and lower, but nonetheless encouraging, levels of investment in Germany, Brazil, South Africa and Russia

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