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Worldwide News 2020.06.03.

LEMKEN realigns product range

As a specialist in professional arable farming, LEMKEN believes in knowledge, quality and innovation. Combined with a comprehensive customer service offering, farmers can choose from a wide range of high quality soil cultivation, drilling and crop care technology.

Worldwide News 2020.05.15.

Pöttinger leads in idea management

Idea management has been a part of the company organisation at Pöttinger – the agricultural machinery manufacturer – for many years. The pioneering Austrian company now stands out in Germany, winning 1st place at the German Idea Management Awards.

Worldwide News 2020.03.24.

LEMKEN, the specialist for agricultural technology, at a stable level

In 2019, LEMKEN the specialist for professional arable farming, was able to maintain its sales levels at €380 million, with an export share of 77%. As a result, the family business has successfully navigated the economic downturn suffered by the wider German agricultural technology industry, which has shrunk by 3 percent.

Worldwide News 2019.12.12.

20 years Agrarada: Focus on the Western and Eastern markets

In December 2019, Polish agricultural machinery suppliers Agrarada will be celebrating its 20th anniversary. Agrarada has been developing in parallel with the growth of agricultural businesses in Poland. Since 2017, the company has been operating a unique online store with parts for agricultural machinery. This year, the company’s area of business will be extended into the Ukraine.

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