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Worldwide News 2021.06.22.

Tour de France: Continental Agricultural Tires part of the race for the first time

In summer, the roads of France once again belong to the professional cyclists. In 21 stages, the Tour de France rolls through various departments, including the agricultural regions of Brittany, Bourgogne and Auvergne. As one of the five main partners of the traditional Tour of France, Continental has been present for years with increased visibility. In recent years, the Tour has been accompanied by the large presence of Continental passenger car and two wheel tires. This year, Continental agricultural tires will also be on display for the first time.

Worldwide News 2021.06.14.

The right tires for breeding activities

BKT reports the first-hand story of the Scaglia Farm, “Stockbreeders from the beginning”, because Piedmontese cattle have always been raised here. The company mantra? Quality, quality and even more quality. This is why Scaglia brothers have chosen a wide range of BKT tires.

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