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Worldwide News 2017.11.13.


As one of the leading manufacturers in the Off-Highway tire sector,BKT offers products that are tailored to the demanding specialist sectors such as agricultural, construction and industrial machineryas well as earthmoving, port, mining, ATV and lawn & garden applications.

Worldwide News 2017.11.02.

Vredestein introduces the Traxion Optimall

Today Vredestein announced the end-result of years of extensive research into the particular needs of tractor manufacturers and end users. The Traxion Optimall, the next generation premium VF (Very high Flexion) tyre for the top tractor segment, is without equal in terms of traction, fuel efficiency and productivity and will substantially reduce the total cost of ownership. Vredestein will introduce the Traxion Optimall at the Agritechnica in Hanover this month.

Worldwide News 2016.07.07.

BKT Equips the New Deutz-Fahr 6, 7 and 9 Series for the Launch Event in Dresden

BKT will definitely not go unnoticed at the important three-day event promoted by SDF on July 5, 6 and 7 for the launch of the new 6 and 7 tractor series by DEUTZ-FAHR. In fact, apart from being a sponsor of the event, BKT plays another key role: all new tractors on display are equipped with the best BKT tires of the Agrimax range, specifically designed for tractors and their most diverse applications. “On stage” during the event is Agrimax Force for the 9 Series, Agrimax RT 657 for the 6 and 7 Series, and finally Agrimax RT 765 for the 7 Series.

Worldwide News 2015.10.09.

Mitas aims to launch PneuTrac in two years

The development of the Mitas PneuTrac concept reached a new milestone with the start of field tests, which show the clear advantages of its larger footprint and better tractive force over standard but also IF agricultural tires. Thanks to positive progress in testing, Mitas has outlined its goals for further development of PneuTrac. The aim is to measure and compare characteristics of Mitas PneuTrac and rubber tracks during 2016 to clearly position PneuTrac among tyre and track solutions offered on the market. Mitas' goal is to have all data needed for a successful market launch available by the end of 2017.

Worldwide News 2015.06.02.

Mitas: Off-road tyre manufacturer - with Video

MITAS a.s. ( is a manufacturer of off-road tyres (agricultural, industrial, motorcycle). The history of Mitas dates to the 1930s, when tyre production started in Prague and in the Moravian city of Zlin. MITAS a.s. currently operates three tyre plants in the Czech Republic, one in Serbia and one in Charles City, Iowa. MITAS a.s. also has an extensive international sales and distribution network operating in 14 countries, including the United States and Mexico. The Czech-based tyre manufacturer, which has an annual turnover of €385 million (2014), is one of the top European producers of agricultural and construction equipment tyres. MITAS a.s. is a member of CGS Holding Group (

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