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Worldwide News 2017.03.30.

Alltech launches first biogas solution DIGEST P3

As fossil fuels deplete at astounding rates, biogas production is fast becoming an alternative source of economic and renewable energy. Alltech’s new product, DIGEST P3, improves the profitability of anaerobic digestion by optimising biogas productivity.

Worldwide News 2017.02.08.

A stable currency and increased agricultural subsidies have a positive effect on Russia’s AgroFarm exhibition

Russia’s leading exhibition for animal husbandry and animal breeding, AgroFarm, is set to benefit from renewed stability for the country’s currency, the Ruble, and a series of new government subsidies that will be paid in 2017. With 390 exhibitors from 30 countries, the event has seen a 10 percent increase in stand holders who are likely to gain from the positive investment climate.

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