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Worldwide News 2020.05.15.

Proven efficacy MS KiemKill against African Swine Fever

Disinfectant MS KiemKill from MS Schippers has proven efficacy against African Swine Fever, a highly contagious viral disease currently spreading all over the world. MS Schippers is pleased to report from independent laboratory tests that the disinfectant significantly inactivates African Swine Fever. That makes MS KiemKill the perfect tool in the fight against this pandemic.

Worldwide News 2019.08.21.

Smart.Light: Animal control made easy

The work in pig houses is varied, time-consuming and demanding. During the daily animal control, numerous factors must be paid attention to and rated simultaneously – also in order to identify potential illnesses in a timely manner. Important indicators to assess animal health are, for example, water and feed consumption. Based on the consumed amounts, the house staff can recognize early on whether an animal is sick.

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