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Worldwide News 2020.09.04.

EuroTier China 2020 exhibition kicks off next week

The organizers of EuroTier China 2020 are looking forward to welcoming exhibitors and attendees from 7 - 9 September for the second edition of the animal farming trade fair at the Chengdu New Century City Exhibition and Convention Center in Sichuan, China. This year, virtual attendance in real time is also offered to interested livestock professionals.

Worldwide News 2019.08.21.

Smart.Light: Animal control made easy

The work in pig houses is varied, time-consuming and demanding. During the daily animal control, numerous factors must be paid attention to and rated simultaneously – also in order to identify potential illnesses in a timely manner. Important indicators to assess animal health are, for example, water and feed consumption. Based on the consumed amounts, the house staff can recognize early on whether an animal is sick.

Worldwide News 2019.08.09.

A successful start to the EuroTier Worldwide network of animal production trade fairs with AveSui EuroTier South America 2019

AveSui EuroTier South America 2019 has closed after a successful three-day run at the LAR Convention Centre in Medianeira, Brazil. With more than 16,000 visitors from across South America, Europe and Asia attending the event, this marked a perfect start to the series of new EuroTier branded trade fairs happening for the first time outside Germany.

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