Címke: BEWITAL agri

Worldwide News 2016.11.18.

BEWI-FATRIX SynerG+: midchain fatty acids, specifically combination, are able to inhibit gram positive bacteria in swine effectively

With the introduction of the new product BEWI-FATRIX SynerG+, the feed specialty producer from West Germany, BEWITAL agri GmbH & Co. KG, lances a matrix encapsulated combination product on the market that is based on lauric acid and vegetable extracts. By carefully selecting and combining the active substances, gram positive bacteria as streptococci can effectively be harmed and with that noticeably reduce antibiotic treatment while improving animal health especially in piglet rearing. An in-vitro trial indicates that BEWI-FATRIX SynerG+ is the most effective combination against gram positive bacteria available on the market.

Worldwide News 2016.11.17.

BEWI-SAN Prevent C: Safe calf rearing, even under high infection pressure

BEWITAL agri GmbH & Co. KG, producer of specialty feed from the Münsterland, provides a combination product called BEWI-SAN Prevent C as dietary supplement for calves. Its positive effect on intestinal health in case of infection-related diarrhea has been confirmed in comprehensive practical tests. Since its market introduction in the beginning of 2015 more than 35,000 calves have been successfully treated with this product. Medical application was reduced and diarrhea pathogens effectively diminished.

Worldwide News 2016.11.16.

BEWI-MILK AM 11: reduced in crude protein content for intensive calf rearing

With the introduction of the new product BEWI-MILK AM 11, the feed specialty producer from West Germany, BEWITAL agri GmbH & Co. KG, launches a calf milk replacer with a reduced crude protein content on the market which was specially developed for intensive calf rearing purpose. Based on latest scientific results, this new development shows that during intensive rearing, a crude protein content of 18%, combined with equivalent energy content compared to standard calf milk replacer, leads to comparable growth results as a calf milk replacer containing 22% crude protein. BEWI-MILK AM 11 is with that an optimized product according to latest scientific knowledge and ideally adapted to the nutritional demand of young calves.