Címke: Cow-Welfare

Worldwide News 2018.10.17.

New 2020+ concept: Higher yield or money-back guarantee

Cow-Welfare A/S launches a new concept which is a revolutionising mix of products, knowledge sharing, a results guarantee, and improved animal welfare. With this new concept, farmers are guaranteed a result of up to 4 kg more milk from each cow every day when they invest in animal welfare.

Worldwide News 2016.07.06.

New report means udder health is always in view

The udder health of dairy cows, and of heifers in particular, plays a central role on any dairy farm. Those businesses with better-than-average udder health work more efficiently and have been shown to be more economically successful. Now, monitoring udder health and getting an early warning of potential problems is going to get easier in Germany with the introduction of new health indicators to the MLP milk recording reports.

Worldwide News 2013.05.22.

Flexible Green Feeding

Flexible Green Feeding (FGF) is the newest invention from Cow‐Welfare A/S. As the name says it is a flexible feeding fence. It is able to be pushed 30° forward, so that the cows are able to reach more feed. This means that they are able to eat more, at get full faster.