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Worldwide News 2018.10.02.

RUPIOL® Sunline – innovative Bypass-Energy Concentrate for high-performing dairy cows

Sustainability in milk production is an outstanding criterion for dairy cow farmers in Germany and neighbouring countries to be able to meet market requirements and have a positive influence on milk revenues. In addition to the market-determining demand for GMO-free feeding, the consumer side is increasingly demanding that palm oil or palm fat products produced from it should not be used in dairy cow feeding. This presents many milk producers with great challenges in feeding their high-performance herds.

Worldwide News 2017.01.30.

What’s going on in there?

The answer to the question in the title has been keeping farmers busy for ages in relation to the rumen of cows. The rumen is the most precise instrument, the central compontent of milk production, that transforms unedible grass into food ready for human consumption; beef meat and milk being the food produced in the highest value in the world. Dairy cows are subject to rumen acidosis with a 15-40% prevalence, with reducing milk yields due to metabolic disordes caused by feeding mistakes. As it is, the rumen is now able to speak to us and we can all have the answer with the latest technology in Precision Livestock Farming.

Worldwide News 2016.11.14.

DeLaval Cleaning Analysis DCA wins silver medal for innovations at EuroTier

DeLaval wins the silver medal for innovations by EuroTier organisers DLG for its DeLaval cleaning analysis DCA, demonstrating our continued leadership in bringing innovations to the forefront of dairy farming. Criteria for selection included significant features such as optimising labour management, facilitating work safety and driving down energy costs.

Worldwide News 2016.11.10.

HBC: Innovative livestock farming system

HBC is an automatic system able to hygienize the separated solid of manure, for an easy and safe use as bedding for dairy cows. Dry matter % and Production (Capacity) can be decided by the customer and it is also possible to reach a true pasteurization of the material. The flexibility and absolute certainty that only hygienized product is produced, gives the highest safety with separated solid bedding and consequently an increased milk quality.

Worldwide News 2016.10.24.

DeLaval at EuroTier 2016

With over 25 exhibits on display, DeLaval continues to inspire dairy farmers globally, to continue driving progress in four important areas: farm profitability, food safety, work efficiency and animal welfare.

Worldwide News 2016.10.24.

DeLaval Innovations at EuroTier 2016

To support our customers’ future success, it is key to stay innovative. Throughout the years, DeLaval has been relentless in doing so and during the last 20 years alone has accrued 250 patents. Demonstrating that by being a customer of DeLaval you have access to productivity and efficiency gains, to address challenges within for example animal welfare, work efficiency, food safety and farm profitability, based on the latest technologies.

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