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Worldwide News 2019.08.27.

HatchTech and Pas Reform sign patent licence agreement

HatchTech, a global provider of incubation technology, and Pas Reform, a global supplier of integrated hatchery solutions, announced today that they have entered into a long-term global strategic patent agreement covering post-hatch early feeding for day-old chicks.

Worldwide News 2018.11.30.

Automation in the calf barn for more animal welfare and work relief

Automation has become an indispensable part of the cow barn. So why not also benefit from the advantages of automated and networked systems in the calf barn? The German company Förster-Technik GmbH has been committed to modern, efficient calf rearing for almost 50 years and develops automated feeding systems that support the healthy growth of both calves and dairy farms.

Worldwide News 2018.11.12.

Agrifirm announces collaboration with Protix

Agrifirm announces a collaboration with Protix that will result in the launch of various new initiatives using insect based ingredients from Protix. The initiatives range from the development of concepts for broiler, layer and pigs as well as targeted applications for a circular soil improver.

Worldwide News 2018.10.02.

RUPIOL® Sunline – innovative Bypass-Energy Concentrate for high-performing dairy cows

Sustainability in milk production is an outstanding criterion for dairy cow farmers in Germany and neighbouring countries to be able to meet market requirements and have a positive influence on milk revenues. In addition to the market-determining demand for GMO-free feeding, the consumer side is increasingly demanding that palm oil or palm fat products produced from it should not be used in dairy cow feeding. This presents many milk producers with great challenges in feeding their high-performance herds.

Worldwide News 2018.07.02.

Medicated feed: Council's green light wraps up the animal medicines package

On 27 June 2018 EU ambassadors meeting in the Committee of Permanent Representatives (Coreper) confirmed an agreement reached on 19 June between the Bulgarian Presidency of the Council and European Parliament representatives on a regulation on medicated feed, i.e. feed containing medicines for the purpose of treating or controlling disease in farmed animals, aquaculture species and pets.

Worldwide News 2018.02.22.

Agrifirm introduces new ‘UniQ’ piglet concept

Agrifirm introduces ‘UniQ’: a combination of unique feed lines, piglet scanning, high-quality advice and performance monitoring for the highest-quality piglet. In partnership with Nuscience, Agrifirm has developed an extensive feed package for piglets. This comprises five new and uniquely integrated feed lines from farrowing pen to delivery in which uniform raw material use and taste recognition for piglets contribute to a smooth transition and better performance. With this concept, Agrifirm is supporting each farm to obtain the highest-quality piglet for their farms; the optimum start for a future sow or fattener.

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