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Worldwide News 2021.04.08.

JOSKIN CONFIGURATOR: Choosing a Livestock Trailer or Meadow Aerator Has Never Been so Easy!

Driven by a desire to meet the needs of its customers in all circumstances, JOSKIN continues its digital development. After a completely updated and more intuitive website, the digitalisation of its showroom and the virtual tour of its various production sites, JOSKIN sustains its momentum and now offers an online configurator for the livestock trailers and meadow aerators.

Worldwide News 2021.03.22.

A big success for the 20th edition of the JOSKIN Pro Days!

The year 2021 began with the traditional JOSKIN open days, a series of days aiming at introducing the general public to the machines of the range and the behind-the-scenes of the production. Due to the health restrictions, this year’s event took a completely different turn, as the company chose to offer a 100% digital experience. Was it a success?

Worldwide News 2021.03.11.

Increase the efficiency of your organic fertilisers!

Previously considered a common waste, slurry has gradually acquired the status of brown gold among farmers. And with good reason: it is a rich and abundant natural resource, with an incredible fertilising potential allowing to increase the yield of meadows and crops at a limited cost. Its spreading, however, requires the use of a suitable equipment that can preserve the natural properties of slurry (organic matter, nitrogen, phosphorus, lye, magnesium, etc.) to the maximum while distributing them evenly. Among the existing solutions, several succeed in combining efficiency, profitability and ecology. A brief overview...

Worldwide News 2020.11.27.

JOSKIN POLSKA Galvanising Plant: the Event of the Decade

On 15 August 2020, the JOSKIN Group started a major project: the first replacement of the zinc tank at its galvanising plant in Poland. A project that turned out to be a very challenging and impressive one! A new story confirming that JOSKIN does not hesitate to do whatever it takes to meet its quality standards.

Worldwide News 2019.11.18.

Stepless with electro-mechanical power-split

John Deere, in cooperation with Joskin, has unveiled the world's first continuously variable transmission with electro-mechanical power split including an implement interface. The completely new concept was awarded with the only gold medal by the jury of the AGRITECHNICA Innovation Commission.

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Gép-Mix – a gépvilág aktuális hírei egy helyen az Agro Napló ajánlásával - 2013 július

AZ IGÉNYEKNEK MEGFELELŐEN: CLAAS SUNSPEEDDeutz-Fahr logó: egy félreérthetetlen erőHARDI karbantartás videó –szivattyú hibakeresés (videó -angol nyelv)Különleges dizájnt kapott a Joskin hígtrágya tartálykocsiMegduplázza az alkatrészek polírozását a LemkenOptimális beállítás egy kattintással - A Lemken bemutatja digitális oktatóprogramjátPOWER ON! Gyáravató ünnepély a Fliegl-nél Mühldorfban

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