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Worldwide News 2017.04.07.

EU scheme helps reducing milk production

More than 48 000 milk farmers from across the EU have applied for support from the EU for agreeing to voluntarily reduce their production of milk by nearly 861 000 t in the last quarter of 2016 and in January 2017.

Worldwide News 2016.11.16.

BEWI-MILK AM 11: reduced in crude protein content for intensive calf rearing

With the introduction of the new product BEWI-MILK AM 11, the feed specialty producer from West Germany, BEWITAL agri GmbH & Co. KG, launches a calf milk replacer with a reduced crude protein content on the market which was specially developed for intensive calf rearing purpose. Based on latest scientific results, this new development shows that during intensive rearing, a crude protein content of 18%, combined with equivalent energy content compared to standard calf milk replacer, leads to comparable growth results as a calf milk replacer containing 22% crude protein. BEWI-MILK AM 11 is with that an optimized product according to latest scientific knowledge and ideally adapted to the nutritional demand of young calves.

Worldwide News 2016.10.24.

DeLaval at EuroTier 2016

With over 25 exhibits on display, DeLaval continues to inspire dairy farmers globally, to continue driving progress in four important areas: farm profitability, food safety, work efficiency and animal welfare.

Worldwide News 2016.09.05.

Details of 500m EURO aid package finalised

The precise details of the € 500 million aid package* for the dairy and other livestock sector(link is external) announced by Commissioner Phil Hogan in July have been finalised this week in agreement with Member State experts, and will be published in the Official Journal in the coming weeks. The most significant elements in this package are a € 350 million support package (with allocations already previously set for Member States), a new EU-wide € 150 million aid for milk production reduction, and extending public intervention as well as private storage aid for Skimmed Milk Powder (SMP) until the end of February next year.

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