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Worldwide News 2016.04.01.

EU to provide milk to 350,000 Syrian children

Today the European Commission adopted a €30 million programme to provide 350,000 Syrian children with drinking milk, as part of the already substantial aid provided by the EU to those in need as a consequence of the crisis in the region.

Worldwide News 2016.03.11.

Reformed scheme for fruit and milk in schools

During the March 2016 plenary session, a debate and vote will be held on the draft regulation establishing a new aid scheme for the supply of fruit and milk in schools. If adopted, the scheme will bring new impetus to efforts to encourage school children to eat healthily.

Worldwide News 2016.02.29.

Milk Crisis: The Taxpayer Perspective

Earlier this week, Farm Europe presented how a milk production reduction scheme may be efficient and how it could be implemented. Additionally, we think it is important to analyse the interests of the taxpayers while taking into account the different policy options available to decision-makers, especially since EU Commissioner Hogan announced yesterday his commitment to support the sector.

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