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Worldwide News 2015.07.17.

Latest Short-Term Outlook for EU markets

A report on the short-term market outlook for EU arable, dairy and meat markets has been published by the European Commission today. This regular exercise concludes that EU dairy deliveries are expected to finish the calendar year just 1% higher than in 2014, despite the end of dairy quotas at the start of April.

Worldwide News 2015.07.13.

Milk, fruit, vegetables: help farmers earn fair incomes and resist market shocks

The EU must do more to help farmers to earn a fair return from the food supply chain, introduce better tools for dealing with market disturbances and help farmers to find new outlets for produce shut out of the Russian market, MEPs say in two non-binding resolutions voted on Tuesday. Member states should help them join forces in producer organisations to boost their bargaining power, they add.

Worldwide News 2015.03.27.

The EU milk sector prepares for the end of milk quotas

The EU milk quota regime comes to an end on March 31, 2015. First introduced in 1984 at a time when EU production far outstripped demand, the quota regime was one of the tools introduced for overcoming these structural surpluses. Successive reforms of the EU's Common Agriculture Policy have increased the market-orientation of the sector and, in parallel, provided a range of other, more targeted instruments to help support producers in vulnerable areas, such as mountain areas where the costs of production are higher.

Worldwide News 2015.03.11.

European Commission refers Italy to the Court of Justice for failure to recover milk levies due from Italian producers

Brussels, 26 February 2015 The Commission decided today to refer Italy to the Court of Justice of the European Union for failing to meet its responsibilities adequately with regard to managing the recovery of the levy for overproduction of milk. This levy should be paid by individual producers having exceeded their individual dairy quotas.

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