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Worldwide News 2021.01.21.

Are you aware of mycotoxins risks to broilers?

According to analysis of more than 8000 finished poultry feed samples collected in the past 5 years, 97% tested positive for mycotoxins. It’s important for the industry to understand the real impact of mycotoxins on broiler productivity.

Worldwide News 2020.11.20.

How Mycotoxins Impact Broiler Production

Adverse weather conditions are increasing the levels of multiple mycotoxin contamination in poultry feed raw materials. Combinations of various mycotoxins can have an outsized, negative impact on birds’ health and performance.

Worldwide News 2020.11.07.

EFSA - Slaughter of cattle: welfare issues assessed

EFSA has published an assessment of the welfare of cattle at slaughter, based on the most up-to-date scientific studies and research. The scientific opinion is the latest in a series on the welfare of animals at slaughter requested by the European Commission.

Worldwide News 2020.06.19.

Non-Antibiotic Strategies for Control of Necrotic Enteritis

Featured expert Dr Lisa Bielke, Assistant Professor of Animal Sciences at Ohio State University, covers an overview of necrotic enteritis and potential feeding strategies to prevent disease, with a focus on maintaining gut health to prevent favorable conditions for overgrowth of Clostridium Perfringens.

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