Címke: safety

Worldwide News 2020.12.22.

Safety: everyone’s business

Did you know? 70% of accidents involving a handling machine could be prevented with adequate safety training and measures. Accordingly, Manitou Group places user safety at the forefront of its priorities through two clearly-identified channels: risk prevention and the bespoke addition of safety systems on its machines.

Worldwide News 2015.01.23.

Food safety MEPs call for country of origin labelling of meat in processed foods

Meat used as an ingredient in processed foods, such as lasagne, should be labelled by country of origin as is already the case for bovine fresh meat, said Environment, Public Health and Food Safety Committee MEPs on Wednesday. They call on the European Commission, which published a report on the issue in late 2013, to come up with legislative proposals in order to rebuild consumer confidence in the wake of the horsemeat scandal and other food fraud cases.