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Worldwide News 2020.12.17.

Precision drilling increases maize yields

Greater yields, more energy, increased gas production – the benefits of DeltaRow sowing with the LEMKEN Azurit precision seed drill compared to conventional single-row drilling have once again been confirmed in a bachelor’s thesis submitted to Osnabruck University in 2020

Worldwide News 2020.11.11.

TERRASEM CLASSIC: Now without tillage tools

Pöttinger extends its range of TERRASEM mulch seed drills with the CLASSIC series. Because they are fitted without tillage tools, they are easy to pull and deliver a high output. The CLASSIC machines are available with working widths of between 4.0 and 9.0 metres.

Worldwide News 2020.10.29.

AEROSEM FDD: New front hopper seed drill

Pöttinger, the specialist for tillage and seed drill technology, has further expanded its range of AEROSEM pneumatic seed drills. Starting November 2020, these field-proven seed drills with working widths of 4.0 and 5.0 m will be available as folding versions with a front hopper.

Worldwide News 2019.09.27.


The Pöttinger TERRASEM mulch seed drills take the lead with the next technical development in direct fertilisation. This new system is available for all mulch seed drills with working widths between 3 and 9 metres. Both the rigid TERRASEM R3 and R4 models as well as the folding TERRASEM C4, C6, C8 and C9 are available as FERTILIZER PRO versions with a row spacing of 12.5 and 16.7 cm.

Worldwide News 2019.07.19.

TERRASEM: Unbeatable in direct mulch drilling

The TERRASEM universal seed drills can be economically incorporated into any operating sequence, regardless of whether they are deployed for mulch drilling, conventional drilling or even direct mulch drilling. Pöttinger seed drills are the only machines on the market that can meet these requirements.

Worldwide News 2019.06.03.

AEROSEM: New part width section control

The perfect coulter system of the Pöttinger AEROSEM seed drill guarantees maximum operational reliability and thus the optimum requirement for success: Yield is positively influenced by precise placement of the seed.

Worldwide News 2019.03.26.

HORSCH with a turnover of 402 million Euro

In 2018, with 402 million Euro the HORSCH Maschinen GmbH achieved the highest turnover in the company’s history. This is a two-digit growth for the third time in a row. There are many reasons for the 12% increase compared to 2017 (358 million Euro). HORSCH continues to carry out considerable investments at all sites, in the sectors service as well as R & D. In all sectors, HORSCH still consequently follows its strategy of putting the focus of all activities on the customer.

Worldwide News 2018.11.14.

TERRASEM FERTILIZER mulch seed drill

Pöttinger offers direct fertilisation on the proven TERRASEM series of seed drills. Using direct fertilisation technology enables micro and macro nutrients to be deposited at the same time as the seed grain.

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